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2nd Amendment

Report: Concealed Carry Permits Up; Murder Rate Down

FBI Report: Violent Crime Down, Despite Record Gun Sales

NRA hits New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo With Lawsuit Over 'Blacklisting Campaign'

Broward Student Publishes Damning Evidence Proving Broward School Officials Neglected School Safety

ACLU: New York State's Attempts To Put NRA Out Of Business Violates First Amedment

College Instructor Tries Segregating Gun Carriers In 'Second Amendment Zone' Doesn't Go As Planned

Government Report Grossly Exaggerates Number Of School Shootings

Parkland Dad Andrew Pollack Fights To Increase Security In Every School Across The Nation

Alyssa Milano Argues Gun Control And Gets Schooled On Twitter

WATCH: NRA Sends Oscars Message To 'Hypocritical' Celebrities From 'Real Hollywood Hero'

Why Pelosi's Gun Control Plans Won't Make Us Safer

David Hogg Just Got Fact-Checked by a Gun Expert

Maryland Gun Owners Vow They Will Not Comply, Gun-Grabbers And Legislators Freak Out

BREAKING: Democrat Andrew Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation Into Law In NY

26 Democrats Defy Pelosi, Vote With GOP To Pass ICE Amendment In Gun Bill

13 Times Legal Gun Owners Saved The Day In February

Missouri Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Require Every State Resident To Own An AR-15

Ocasio-Cortez Calls For Radical Gun Ban, Champions Confiscation

AOC Unveils Diabolical Plan To Implement Gun Control, Immigration Changes WITHOUT Congress

Judge Tosses Gun Control Law, Rules That Town Cannot Enact Ban

Kamala Harris Proudly Proclaims 'I Am A Gun-Owner' Before Launching Typical Leftist Attack On Guns

Venezuelans Now Regret Giving Up Their Guns To Socialist Chavez Regime

School District Gives Every Deputy An AR-15, Every Student A Tracking Chip

Jake Tapper To Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell: 'Vast Majority Of Gun-Related Deaths' Are Not From Semi-Automatic Rifles

11-Year-Old Girl Nearly Kidnapped Walking To School, 2nd Amendment Hero Shows Up To Even The Odds

When Government Won't Act, Citizens Will