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Teacher In Hot Water After Showing Graphic Abortion Video To Middle Schoolers

Black Congresswoman Calls White Congressman Racist Because He's Upset Black Babies Are Aborted

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Teachers' Unions Push Abortions On Children As Young As 12 Without Their Parents' Knowledge

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Conspired With Abortion Activists To Ban Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Vote

Abortion Activist Pleads Guilty To Threatening Pro-Lifer: "I'm Going To Rape Your Daughter And Kill Your Family"

Pete Buttigieg Shares Extreme Abortion Defense.  Then His Pastor Brother-In-Law Fires Back

Bernie Sanders: Abortion Should "Especially" Be Used For Population Control "In Poor Countries"

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Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyer: Okay Fine, Protecting Abortion Was Part Of Why She Accused Kavanaugh

SCARY: 13-year-old girl relentlessly shouted down during pro-life speech

As Thousands Of Rioters Go Free, 2 Black Pro-Life Activists Arrested Outside PP

Pro-Life Leaders Demand Movie Makers Prove Claim About 'Jane Roe'

'Jane Roe' In Her Own Words: Norma McCorvey's Life Journey From Abortion-Rights Pioneer To Opponent - 2/19/2017

Kamala Harris Complains About People Killed By Guns, Celebrates 61 Million People Killed By Abortion - 8/15/2019

Iceland Holds Funeral To Mourn Melting Glacier, Kills 100% Of Its Babies WIth Down Syndrome - 8/20/2019

Time-Lapse Video Shows Massive Crowd Of Pro-Lifers At The 2020 March For Life - 1/27/2020

Satanists Demand Religious Exemption To Perform 'Abortion Ritual' Illegal Under Texas Law - 9/7/2021

She Had An Abortion At 15.  Now She Saves Babies From Abortion At The Same Planned Parenthood Clinic - 3/16/2022

Mom's 'Goodbye' Message To Disney Goes Viral: Disney Has 'Transformed Into A Political Propaganda Machine' That 'Grooms Children For Abortions And Sexual Promiscuity' - 4/1/2022

YouTube And Instagram Choke Christian influencers The LaBrants' Pro-Life Video - 4/27/2022

Black Man Stuns Pro-Abortion Protesters With One Simple Question About Black Lives, Viral Video Shows - 5/5/2022

Godless Pro-Abortion Group Announces Latest Assault On Christians: "We Will Be Burning The Eucharist to Show Our Disgust" - 5/8/2022

Satanic Temple Will Argue Abortion Is Religious Ritual In Legal Challenges - 5/10/2022

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'Fetus = Good Snack': Disturbing Images, 'Sick And Disgusting' Videos Emerge From Pro-Abortion 'Bans Off Our Bodies' Rally In Phoenix - 5/16/2022

Ben Shapiro: Liberals Want To Kill Children Before They're Born And Groom Them After - 5/17/2022

White Abortion Activist To Black Pro-Lifer: "Black Lives Matter. But Not Yours, You Don't Count" - 5/18/2022

While Touting Abortion, Biden Admin Moves To Drop Natural Family Planning From Insurance Coverage - 6/20/2022

'Pro-Choice' Democrats Demand Google Block Search Results For Crisis Pregnancy Centers - 6/21/2022