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Anthony Fauci & The NIH: China, Wuhan & Gain-of-Function

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UPDATED: Dr. Fauci Likely Broke US Regulations And US Law When He Funded Wuhan Lab To Continue Coronavirus Projects That Were Banned In US In 2014

Newly Declassified Emails Show Fauci's Correspondence With Chinese Official - Report

Virologist Who Told Dr. Fauci Coronavirus Was Engineered Has Been Deleted

NIH Removes Language On 'Gain-Of-Function' From Website Amid Criticism Over Funding Chinese Research

Trump Advisor: "Fauci Knew The Virus Came From Wuhan...Within Yards Of The Wuhan Bioweapons Lab"

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New Emails Confirm Top Scientists Told Fauci That Natural Origin Of COVID-19 Was 'Highly Unlikely' - 1/18/2022

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Fauci Says China Was 'Extremely Secretive' But Didn't 'Necessarily' Cover Up Pandemic - 4/1/2022

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NIH Concedes It 'Suppressed' Wuhan Lab Genetic Data, But Disputes Watchdog's 'Deleted' Label - 4/2/2022

Fauci Signed Deal With China Agreeing To "Destroy And/Or Return The Secret Files, Materials And Equipment Without Any Backup" - 4/21/2022

Something 'Rotten' With NIH Funding CCP-Controlled Labs: Natalie Winters - 5/15/2022

Major Funder Of Wuhan Lab Told Fauci's Agency COVID Would End At 20,000 Cases - 5/17/2022

Fauci And Other Top Scientists Had Another Secret COVID-19 Origins Call, Records Reveal - 6/3/2022