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Famous Statistican Blasts Media For 'Basic Error' In Coronavirus Reporting That Distorts The Truth - 5/8/2020

MICHIGAN COVID-19 PROTESTS: Forget The Media Spin...Here's What REALLY HAPPENED during reopen rally

Author Of New (Inaccurate) Report Predicting 3,000 Daily Coronavirus Deaths Says It Wasn't 'Intended To Be A Forecast' BUT Intended To Slam Trump

FACT CHECK: No, Trump Did Not Tell People To 'Inject Themselves With Disinfectant' Or 'Drink Bleach'

HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx Used Imperical College Model - NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD - To Persuade President Trump To Lock Down Entire US Economy!

Coronavirus Model Used To Justify Shutdowns In The US And UK Found To Be 'Totally Unreliable' By Experts

Famouse Statistician Blasts Media For 'Basic Error' In Coronavirus Reporting That Distorts The Truth

Project Veritas Obtains Letter Sent To Dem Governor Regarding Fake COVID Testing Line

Washington Epidemiologists: Many Gunshot Victims Are Being Classified As COVID Deaths

Florida Department Of Health Exposed For Massively Inflating COVID-19 Positivity Rate

FAUCI LIED: Says 'Country Wasn't Ready' For Truth

Aide To Andrew Cuomo Admits New York Covered Up COVID Nursing Home Deaths [Details]

Pandemic Numbers Faked To Blame Trump: The WHO Changes Guidelines On COVID Tests An Hour After Biden Inquguration

Biden Attacked Trump's Handling Of COVID.  But Data Show Trump Nearly Accomplished Biden's Vaccine Goal.

CDC Caught Red-Handed: Vaccine Data Manipulated

DC Uses Bogus Study To Justify Tyrannical Mask, Lockdown Orders

DeSantis Torches Biden Admin After Psaki Makes False Statement About His Handling Of Pandemic In Florida

EXPOSED: CDC Just Lost More Credibility Thanks To REJECTED Report

DEADLY Negligence: Exposing The REAL Origins & Coverup Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dem Challenger Blames Rep. Lauren Boebert For Her Hospital Being 'At Capacity' With COVID Patients - But She Works In Wyoming

Lying WHO Post May Have Literally Tricked People Into Getting The COVID Vaccine

CDC Updates Florida COVID Totals After Being Called Out, Number Nearly Goes Down By A Third

Report Reveals They Knew The Side Effects Well Over A Year Ago!

Hospital Debunks Story That Claimed 'Gunshot Victims Left Waiting' Because Of Ivermectin Overdoess

Ivermectin Hit Piece Debunked After Hospital Steps Forward With The Truth

Attacks On Ivermectin And HCQ Are Textbook 'Alinsky'

Vax Nazis Are Desperately Trying To Bury This Report

LEAKED Training Video Shows Them How To LIE About COVID Death Numbers!

Medical Team Who Created Video To "Make COVID Scary Again" Are Deliberately Lying To Us

Leaked Video Shows Doctor Trying To Fudge COVID Numbers To 'Scare People' ...OMG

Health Official Caught On Hot Mic Admitting What Restrictions Are Really About, 'There Is No Medical Or....'

Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes COVID-19 Pandemic As A Plandemic - 5/7/2020

Critics Rip Former Biden Health Adviser For Peddling Lie Unvaccinated Kids Are Likely To Get 'Serious' COVID - 2/4/22

Bill Maher Blasts Pandemic Misinformation Spread By Health Officials, Delivers Laundry List Of Things The Medical-Industrial Coomplex Got Wrong - 2/5/2022

Psaki Goes For Broke, Blames Trump After Study Proves Democrats Lied - 2/8/2022

The 5 Biggest COVID Lies Science Experts And The Government Have Told Us [Video] - 2/11/2022

Horowitz: The Lies About Vaccine Efficacy Are Exposed, So Scotland Stops Publishing Data - 2/18/2022

Scotland To Stop Reporting COVID-19 Data Because Of Concerns It's 'Being Misrepresented' - 2/18/2022

How Prominent Public Health Agencies Are Skewing Vaccine Effectivneness Statistics In The US - #Denominatorgate - 2/21/2022

After Thousands Cry Foul, White House Admits It 'Misstated' Claim About Biden And Vaccines - 5/16/2022

Primary Source Of COVID Misinformation Is The Feds, Scientists And Scholars Tell Surgeon General - 5/19/2022

DeSantis Vindicated Of COVID Cover-Up After Media Darling, 'Whistleblower' Ends Up In Complete Disgrace - 6/8/2022