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Civil Rights

Barr Orders Legal Action Against Governors Whose COVID-19 Actions Infringe On Civil Rights

Overreaching Government Revokes Maine Restaurant's Licenses Immediately After Owner Defies Lockdown

Cuomo Scolds Anti-Lockdown Protesters: 'You Don't Have The Right'

Dan Crenshaw: 'Small-Minded' Officials Who Arrested Texas Salon Owner Are 'Drunk With Power'

NAZI Concentration Camp Survivors Slam COVID Measures For Hurting Humanity

Video: Peaceful Pastor Arrested For Ignoring Communist Lockdowns

It's Official...COVID CAMPS Are Being Built

Dem Gov Signs Executive Order To Deny The Unvaccinated Care At Hospitals And Prioritize Treatment To Vaccinated Patients - 11/5/2021

RFK Jr. Tells Carlson: All Of Bill Of Rights Violated During Pandemic, Except 2nd Amendment - 11/17/2021

Unbelievable! Man Denied Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Becuase Of His Race! (VIDEO) - 11/18/2021

Business Lobby Files Court Notice Over Biden's Vaccine Mandate: Stop 'Bullying Businesses To Comply' - 11/21/2021

Aussie Propaganda To Glorify Quarantine Camps Hits A Whole New Level Of Crazy. This Is A New Low - 11/29/2021

Concentration Camps Down Under - Australian Military Moving People To "Quarantine Camps" - 11/30/2021

Aussie Propaganda To Glorify Quarantine Camps Hits A Whole New Level Of Crazy.  This Is A New Low - 11/30/2021

Young Not Stupid: LA County Sheriff Reveals Truth About COVID Testing Company, then Takes A Major Stand - 12/1/2021

Penn State Employees Who Refuse Vaccination Face Reeducation - 12/1/2021

New York Will Prioritize Non-White People When Distributing Life-Saving COVID Treatments - 1/2/2022

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Defense Dept. From Punishing Vaccine-Refusing Navy SEALS, Other Service Members - 1/4/2022

USPS Seeks Temporary Relief From The Biden Admin's Vaccine Or Test Mandate, Warning Of 'Potentially Catastrophic Impact' To Service - 1/5/2022

United Airlines Vaccine Mandate 'Coerced' Employees Into 'Violating Their Religious Convictions': Court - 2/20/2022

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Whistleblowers Reveal How Pentagon Discriminates Against Religion With Vaccine Mandates - 2/20/2022

Fired Health Care Worker Moves Forward, Looks Back On What Was Lost At The Hand Of Restrictive COVID-19 Policies - 2/22/2022

Bombshell: National Vaccine Passport Required In These 21 States (MAP) - 3/2/2022

Court Expands Navy SEAL COVID Vaccine Lawsuit To Include All Navy Service Members - 3/29/2022

BREAKING: Louisiana Supreme Court Sides With Pastor Tony Spell - Agrees That COVID Orders Violated His Freedom Of Religion - All Charges Dropped (VIDEO) - 5/13/2022