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Vaccines, Boosters, & Immunity: Excess Deaths & Diseases Since Vax Rollout

EXCLUSIVE: States Investigating Surge In Mortality Rate Among 18-49-Year Olds, Majority Unrelated To COVID-19 -- 1/14/2022

Nearly Three-Quarters Of US Counties Saw Spike In Deaths In 2021, Census Data Show - 3/24/2022

It's Not Just The US: Excess Deaths Skyrocket Worldwide In 2021 Following Rollout Of The Experimental Covid Vaccine - 4/1/2022

Why So Many Middle-Aged Deaths In 2021? - 4/19/2022

SHOCK VIDEO: Equity Investment Executive Dowd: Excess Deaths Are Running Around 20% In First Quarter Of 2022 - 5/6/2022

Mysterious Outbreak Of Child Hepatitis Claims Another Life; CDC Remains Unclear On Cause - 5/22/2022

Hundreds More Cases Of Severe Hepatitis Of Unknown Origin Reported In Children - 5/28/2022

Introduction Of The COVID Vaccines Sees Shocking Rise In Permanent Disablities - 6/5/2022

Healthy Young People Are Dying Suddenly And Unexpectedly From Mysterious Syndrome In Australia - Doctors Baffled And Seek Answers - 6/8/2022

No Symptoms, Then Instant Death: New SIDS-Like Syndrome Spreads, Killing Healthy People Where They Stand - 6/16/2022

The Latest Trafedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - 6/21/2022

NFL Team Announces Death Of 26-Year-Old Linebacker: 'A Life Lost Much Too Soon' - 6/22/2022

Canadian Chief Of Emergency Medicine, Olympic Sailor, And Marathon Runner Dies Suddenly While On A Run - 7/17/2022

Excess Mortality: Are COVID Measures To Blame For Thousands Of Unexpected Weekly Deaths? - 7/20/2022

Former Offensive Lineman For Notre Dame Dies At 35 Due To Cardiac Arrest While On A Run - 7/21/2022

Former Denver Broncos Lineman Dies After Going Into Cardiac Arrest While On Run - 7/22/2022

Former South Carolina Quarterback MVP Phil Petty Dies At 43 - Third Former Football Player To Die In Last 7 Days - 7/22/2022

44-Year-Old Canadian Doctor Dies 'Unexpectedly' - Sixth Canadian Doctor To Die Within Two Weeks - 7/30/2022

20-Year-Old College Basketball Star Dies 'Unexpectedly' After Suffering Cardiac Arrest At Summer Camp - 7/30/2022

Northern Iowa Swimmer Passes Away, Cause Of Death Not Released - 7/30/2022

Grammy-Winning Engineer And My Chemical Romance Producer Doug McKean Dies "Unexpectedly" At 54 - 8/2/2022

Prayers Needed: High School Football Player Collapses, Dies Suddenly During Practice - 8/4/2022

24-Year-Old Irish Athlete Dillon Quirke Dies Unexpectedly After Collapsing Mid-Game - 8/7/2022

41-Year-Old Singer And Theater Actor Darius Campbell Danesh 'Dies Suddenly' At Home - Cause Of Death Remains Unknown - 8/16/2022

27-Year-Old High School Varsity basketball Coach "Dies unexpectedly" Of Cardiac Arrest - 8/17/2022

College Football Player And Brother Of NFL Veteran Dies Suddenly - 8/16/2022

16-Year-Old Dies Suddenly After Suffering Cardiac Arrest While Playing Frisbee With Family Members - 8/20/2022

49-Year-Old High School Principal And Former Super Bowl Champion Died Suddenly While Riding His Bicycle - 8/20/2022

17-Year-Old Girl Dies After Suffering Unknown Medical Episode During Army National Guard Physical Training - 8/27/2022

20-Year-Old Junior Hockey Captain Dies Suddenly during Tournament In Ontario, Canada - 8/31/2022

21-Year-Old College Football Player In Arkansas Dies Suddenly After Collapsing - 9/5/2022

Young Adults Dying In Record Numbers, But Not From COVID-19 - 9/7/2022

16-Year-Old Dies After Experiencing 'Medical Emergency' At Football Practice - Third Student This Year - 9/12/2022

Another One: Teen Athlete Dies Suddently While At Golf Practice - unknown Cause Of Death - 9/14/2022

17-Year-Old student Sufferes Heart Attack After Finishing Cross Country Race - Found Two Bloodclots - Doctors Baffled On Exactly What Happened - 9/15/2022

10-Year-Old Dies Unexpectedly After Fulfilling Dream Of Playing Football Under The Lights - 9/16/2022

Congressman Reveals Cause Of Death Of Teenage Daughter - 10/10/2022

'Pure' 17-Year-Old Son And Hopeful Broadway Singer Collapsed And Died Suddenly During Choir Event, 'Shocked' Family Knows 'He's With Jesus' - 10/20/2022

College Football Player Dies Suddenly Just Before His 19th Birthday - 10/19/2022

15-Year-Old Boy Collapses And Dies In Middle Of Restaurant While Out With Friends And Family - 10/26/2022

Bengals Offensive Analyst Adam Zimmer Dies At 38 - 11/1/2022

Poster Boy For Vax Campaign Dies At 4 Years Old, Experts Say Not Caused By Vaccines - 11/15/2022