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Deep State Planning MAJOR False Flag Attack To Blame "Anti-Vaxxers" & Gun Owners

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6th Circuit Court Rules Against Biden Administration In OSHA Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit - 12/5/2021

Texas Governor Tells Defense Secretary COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate On National Guard Won't Be Enforced - 12/16/2021

Key Scientist Behind mRNA Vaccines Kicked Off Twitter After Speaking Out Against COVID Vax - 12/30/2021

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Defense Dept. From Punishing Vaccine-Refusing Navy SEALS, Other Service Members - 1/4/2022

USPS Seeks Temporary Relief From The Biden Admin's Vaccine Or Test Mandate, Warning Of 'Potentially Catastrophic Impact' To Service - 1/5/2022

2,000 Doctors And Nurses Ask Supreme Court To Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate - 1/11/2022

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Pfizer Suffers Black Eye As Drug Regulators Bar 2.8 Billion People From Company's COVID Vaccine - 2/18/2022

Military Vaccine Bait & Switch: "DOD Is Trying To Pull Off Regarding The Non-Availablity Of The Mandated, FDA-Approved Shots" - 2/20/2022

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Pfizer CEO Attacks Those Who Dare Question The Experimental Vaccine...Again: "They Literally Cost Lives...They're Criminals" - (VIDEO) - 3/31/2022

US Officer Risked It All Refusing Pentagon Vaccine Order, Navy Board Unaminously Confirmed He Did The Right Thing - 5/23/2022

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Fighter Pilot Speaks Out On Discrimination Against Unvaccinated In US Military - Pilots Forced To Perform Janitorial Work (VIDEO) - 5/31/2022

High School Punishes Seniors Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19 By Banning Them Ffrom Attending Graduation Ceremony - 6/2/2022