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Critical Race Theory (CRT)&

Social And Emotional Learning

Report: Anonymous Berkeley Professor Debunks BLM Narrative, Scholds Academics - 6/15/2020

Gov. Kristi Noem Pushes South Dakota Universities To Ban Biden-Backed Critical Race Theory

WATCH: Vernon Jones Blasts Critical Race Theory: 'It's Racism' That 'Does Not Make Any Sense'

Georgia Education Board Defies Democrats, Issues Pro-American Announcement

Mike Huckabee: Paretns Show Their Power, Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory

Civil Rights Activist On Biden's Race Remarks: 'One Of The Worst Race Hoaxes Since Jussie Smollett'

Black Father And Daughter Go Viral With Video Denouncing Critical Race Theory

Viral Dad Fighting Critical Race Theory Says 'Absolutely' He Was CENSORED

Trump Urges GOP To 'Immediately Ban Critical Race Theory' Or Risk Losing Everything

Conservative Group Empowers Parents WIth Knowledge To Organize And Confront Critical Race Theory In Schools

New York Mother Obliterates School Board: 'You're Emotionally Abusing Our Children'

Iowa Bans Critical Race Theory: Schools Should 'Promote Learning, Not Discriminatory Indoctrination'

WATCH: Survivor Of Mao's China Stuns School Board With Chilling Warning About Critical Race Theory

Mom Who Survived Maoist China Destroys Virginia School Board's Push For Critical Race Theory

Survivor Of Mao's China: Critical Race Theory 'Is Racist,' China Used 'Wokeness' To Install Communism

Black Ivy League Professor: 'Truly Anti-Racist' Parents Must Pull Kids From School That Teaches CRT

Black Mom Confronts Florida Board Of Ed. Over 'Racist' Critical Race Theory: 'Not Teaching The Truth, Unless You Believe That Whites Are Better Than Blacks'

Nevada Group Wants Teachers To Wear Body Camerca To Make Sure They Don't Teach Critical Race Theory

9yr Old Girl Goes Nuclear On Race Baiting School Board In EPIC Speech

9-Year-Old Girl Hammers School Board For Violating 'No Politics' Policy By Allowing BLM Posters

'Come On, People!': Watch 9-Year-Old Girl Torch School Board Over BLM

Black Father Blasts Critical Race Theory In Front Of School Board, Says It Teaches His Daughter That Her White Mother 'Is Evil'

NAACP Official Wished Death On Opponents Of Critical Race Theory, But After Newest Development She's Probably Just Wishing She Kept Her Mouth Shut

Parents Revolt: Even Democrate And Moderate Suburban Parents Are Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory'

Critical Race Theory: The Revolution Of Constant Whining

'These Are Our Children, Not Yours': Iranian Christian Immigrant Slams Woke School Board Over Indoctrination

Group Run By African-American Scholars Blats Racist CRT School Curriculum

Board Of Commissioners Takes A Huge Bite Out Of CRT Agenda

School Board Group Demands Biden Use The Patriot Act Against Parents

Checkmate: Jim Jordan Tricks A.G. Garland Into Making Damaging Confession

Critical Race Theory Is On The Ropes

Critical Race Theory Is Being Rebranded As Social And Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning - A Gateway To CRT

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North Dakota Gov Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory From Public Schools - 11/13/2021

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Christopher Rufo: CRT Is Based On The Prison Politics Of Racial Segregation - 3/28/2022

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Proposal To Prohibit Teaching Critical Race Theory In Texas School District Wins Majority Approval In Public Comment - 4/30/2022

WINNING: Textbook Companies Cave To DeSantis, Remove Critical Race Theory And Other Woke Content From Their Materials - 5/4/2022

Critical Race Theory Is Part Of Globalist Power Grab: Expert - 6/22/2022