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Public & Private Schools: Activism In The Classroom

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Survey: Almost Half of Conservative Students Claim Their Profs Rant Against Donald Trump

Mural Of George Washington That 'Traumatizes Students' To Be Covered Up

Teen Unloads On Virginia School Board: 'Your Proposed Policies Are Dangerous And Rooted in Sexism'

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Private DC School Makes Kindergarteners March And Change BLM Slogans - 2/6/2022

Chicago To Rename Daniel Boone Elementary School Because He Owned Slaves And His Treatment Of Indians - Forgaet To Mention Indians Kidnapped Boone For Several Months - 3/21/2022

Public School Teachers Reveal They Work With Administrators To Ignore The Pronoun And Name Preferences Of Students' Parents - 5/15/2022

The Bible And Anne Frank Diary Yanked From Shelves In Texas School District - 8/17/2022

Indoctrination: Campaign Called "Classroom Of The Month" gives Young Children Rewards, Inclding Roasted Crickets As A Snack (VIDEOS) - 8/20/2022

Project Veritas: Connecticut Public School Asst. Principal Admits To Discriminating Against Hiring Catholics, Hopes To Ensure Students Vote Democrat In Future (VIDEO) - 8/30/2022

Project Veritas: NYC Private School Director Touts 'Sneaking' Left-WIng Political Agenda Into Classrooms, Trashes 'White Boys' (VIDEO) - 9/1/2022

Book Review: 'The College Scam: How America's Universities Are Bankrupting And Brainwashing Away The Future Of America's Youth' - 9/15/2022