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Public & Private Schools: Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda

Teacher In Hot Water After Showing Graphic Abortion Video To Middle Schoolers

Teachers' Unions Push Abortions On Children As Young As 12 Without Their Parents' Knowledge

Special Needs Teacher Taped Mask On Student's Head, Previously Tried To Force Him To Wear Pride Mask

Graphic Warning: Horrified Crowd Shouts As Parent Shows School's Predophilia Comics At Board Meeting

VIDEO: NC Schools Commit Felony Offense: Dad Busts School Board For Illegal 'Elicit Materials' His Son Found

Judge Reinstates VA Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Affirm Trans Identity For Kids, Calls School Reponse 'Vindictive' - 6/8/2021

Catholic Student Suspended From Football After Allegedly Insisting There Are Two Genders.  Now He's Suing The School District - 11/16/2021

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

Lawsuit Claims School Re-Gendered Child Without Telling The Parents! - 11/18/2021

Parents Protest After Student Who Posted 'Up-Skirt' Photos Of Female Schoolmates Is Allowed To Return To Class - 11/19/2021

Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LBGTQ Clubs - 11/20/2021

More Than 20 Ex-Students At Babylon High School Accuse Teachers Of Sex Misconduct - 11/22/2021

Fairfax County Public Schools Returns Sexually Explicit Books To High School Libraries - 11/23/2021

Grooming? Woke Schools Brainwash Kids Using The Same Tactics Deployed By Pedophiles - 11/30/2021

Child Abuse As Policy: Chicago Public Schools Adopt Trans Bathrooms - 12/7/2021

Satanism On Display At Local Library: Inappropriate, Sexual Books Placed Next To Bible - 12/12/2021

Illinois Parents Fight To Ban Sexually Explicit Book From Schools - 12/14/2021

Parent Says Daughter Was 'Coached' On LGBTQ Identity At California School - 12/17/2021

Parents Of 12-Year-Old Girl Take Action After School Student's Gender - 12/27/2021

California Mom Takes Legal Action Agatinst School district 'After Two Teachers Secretly Manipulated Her Daughter, 11, Into Believing She Was A Transgender Boy And Gave Tips On How To Bind Her Breasts' - 1/21/2022

GROSS! Lia Thomas's Teammate On How Awkward The Locker Rooms Are Now - 2/1/2022  

Parents Horrified Over Explicit Report - Shccking Leaked Footage In Private Schools Goes Viral - 2/17/2022

Outraged Parents Demand Answers After "Non Binary" Male Counselors Were Allowed To Sleep In Fifth-Grade Girls' Cabins At School-Sponsored Science Camp - (VIDEO) - 2/20/2022

Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Restrict LGBTQ Topics In Elementary School - 3/8/2022

A Kansas Public School Teacher Is Suing School Officials For Requiring Her To Address Students By Their Preferred Names And Pronouns - 3/13/2022

Grieving Mother Claims LA County School Pushed Transgender Treatments On Her Teenage Daughter Who Ultimately Committed Suicide: 'Why Did They Play With Her Life?' - 3/19/2022

Angry Parents Reads Sexually Charged Passage From HS Library Book To School Board.  Board Member Cuts Her Off, Says Children Could Be Listening. - 3/23/2022

New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 Yr Olds To Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy Without Parental Consent - 3/28/2022

Teacher Laments Passage Of Florida's Anti-Grooming Bill, Worries He Won't Be Able To Talk About His Gay Marriage With Kindergarteners - 3/29/2022

Teacher Would Rather Get Fired Than Obey Florida Law Saying Schools Must Tell Parents About Their Children's Sexuality, Gender - 3/30/2022

Florida Teacher Says He's Upset He Can't Talk To Students About LGBT Relationship Because Of Anti-Grooming Law - 3/31/2022

Tennessee Senate Advances Bill That Withholds Funding From School Allowing Transgender Athletes To Compete - 4/3/2022

Florida Bill Already Doing Its Job, Teachers Abandoning Profession As Open Child Grooming Could Become Virtually Impossible - 4/4/2022

Florida Bill Already Doing Its Job, Teachers Abandoning Profession As Open Child Grooming Could Become Virtually Impossible - 4/4/2022

Yes, David French, Public Schools Are Absolutely 'Grooming' Children. I Would Know - 4/7/2022

Tucker Carlson: "Deeply Disturbing" Pornographic Content Being Pushed On Schoolchildren (VIDEO) - 4/9/2022

Preschool Teacher - And 'Polyamorous, Gender-Fluid Witch' - Goes Viral For Admitting How She Teaches Her Young Students About Sexuality And Identity - 4/12/2022

Teacher Makes Excellent Point, "If Educators Can Teach Children About Gender, I Can..." - 4/20/2022

Texas Teacher Who Allegedly Showed Porn To Entire Classroom On Projector Is Fired, Faces A Year In Jail - 4/21/2022

Mom Suing School Over 13-Year-Old Daughter's 'Protected' Secret Gender Transition Issues Stark Warning To Parents Across The Country - 5/2/2022

Mom Says Middle School Invited Daughter To Secret LGBTQ+ Club, 'Did UNTHINKABLE Things With The Children' - 5/16/2022

Mom: My Kid Was COERCED Into SECRET  Sexuality Club At School - 5/17/2022

VIDEO: Mother's Mic Cut At School Board Meeting While Reading Obscene School Assignment Allegedly Given To Her 15-Year-Old Daughter - 5/18/2022

AT LEAST 135 Teachers, Aides Have Been Arrested And Charged With Child Sex Crimes IN 2022 ALONE - 5/19/2022

Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls' Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money - 5/25/2022

Groom Rooms: AZ DoE Wants Kids To Join LGBT Chats With Adults - 5/27/2022

Biden Admin Ties Funds For School Lunches To Compliance With Transgender Mandates - 6/2/2022

This Professor Makes $100K A Year To Teach Your Kids: Listen To How Insane He Is - 6/14/2022

Arizona Department Of Education Directs Students To Trans Online Chate Rooms - 6/21/2022