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Public Schools

SHAPIRO: The Dis-Grace Of Harvard

Survey: Almost Half of Conservative Students Claim Their Profs Rant Against Donald Trump

Mural Of George Washington That 'Traumatizes Students' To Be Covered Up

Watch: Woke Teacher Is Unhinged Over Masks! Vulgar Tirade, Threatends To Arrest Student, 'Your A Piece Of...'

Christian Teacher Suspended After Declaring He Won't 'Lie' To Students And 'Affirm That A Biological Boy Can Be A Girl, And Vice Versa''

'Chardonnay Antifa': Community Rips School Board For Suspending Teacher Who Opposed Trans Pronoun Policy

Teen Unloads On Virginia School Board: 'Your Proposed Policies Are Dangerous And Rooted in Sexism'

Graphic Warning: Horrified Crowd Shouts As Parent Shows School's Predophilia Comics At Board Meeting

Report: School Punishes 15-Year-Old Girl For Reporting Sexual Assult In School Toilet

Report: HS Student Suspended After She Reported Sexual Assault - And The School Is Now Making Her Take A Sexual Harassment Prevention Course

VIDEO: NC Schools Commit Felony Offense: Dad Busts School Board For Illegal 'Elicit Materials' His Son Found

Special Needs Teacher Taped Mask On Student's Head, Previously Tried To Force Him To Wear Pride Mask

Rowe: COVID-19 Aftermath Will Expose 'Luxury Brand' Higher Education, A 'Breathtakingly Overpriced Product'

Virginia School System Deflects Charges It Covered Up Rape Of Ninth Grade Girl By 'Gender-Fluid' Boy

Media Silent On Virginia School Board's Alleged Coverup Of Trans Bathroom Rape

Nearly 400 Years AFter Being Founding To Begin Educating America's Ministers, Harvard Makes Big Change At Top Chaplain Position

Judge Reinstates VA Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Affirm Trans Identity For Kids, Calls School Reponse 'Vindictive' - 6/8/2021

Gov. DeSantis Just Officially Brought Back The Opportunity For Prayer In Schools - 6/15/2021

REVEALED: National School Board Association Coordinated With Biden Regime Before garland Classified Parents "Comestic Terrorists" - 10/21/2021

Emails Show Frustration Within NSBA, Resistance To White House Letter Comparing Parents To Domestic Terrorits - 11/12/21

Explosive Docs: AG Garland Lied To Congress, Whistleblower Shows FBI Flagging Parents As Possible Terrorists - 11/16/2021

School Board President Busted! Under Investigation, Digging Up Dirt To Go After Parents

Catholic Student Suspended From Football After Allegedly Insisting There Are Two Genders.  Now He's Suing The School District - 11/16/2021

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

Lawsuit Claims School Re-Gendered Child Without Telling The Parents! - 11/18/2021

Parents Protest After Student Who Posted 'Up-Skirt' Photos Of Female Schoolmates Is Allowed To Return To Class - 11/19/2021

Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LBGTQ Clubs - 11/20/2021