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2022 Elections

NYC Set To Bestow Voting Rights To Non-Citizens - 12/10/2021

800,000 Noncitizens Allowed To Vote In NYC Elections - 1/10/2022

Following Biden's Lead, More Democrats Begin Spreading Fears 2022 Midterms Could Be 'Illegitimate' - 1/24/2022

Secret Report On Election Vulnerabilities Reveals HUGE Problems Ahead Of Midterms - 2/3/2022

One-In-Five Mail-In Ballots Rejected In NJ City Council Race, Four People Charged With Voter Fraud - 3/8/2022

ELECTION SECURITY: Official Resigns In Aftermath Of 10,000 Uncounted Votes - 3/10/2022

Facts Matter (March 10): 10,000 Uncounted Ballots Found In County, Top Election Official Resigns; New Bill Proposed - 3/10/2022

Kari Lake Files Brief With AZ Supreme Court In Suit Challenging Use Of Drop Boxes, Early Voting - 3/11/2022

Dirty Woodall-Vogg Defies State Supreme Court And WIll Set UP Ballot Drop Boxes In Milwaukee For April Primary - 3/16/2022

Report: Former Google CEO Indirectly Paid Salaries In White House Office - Played "Extraordinary" Role - 3/29/2022

BREAKING! Arizona's Corrupt Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs Headed For Criminal Prosecution - 4/1/2022

Crooked Raffensperger Certified The Stolen 2020 Election, Now He's Unilaterally Hired Salesforce, Headed By WEF Board Trustee, To Run GA's Voter Rolls Going Forward - 4/24/2022

Key Senator Says Liberals Using Race, Lawsuits To Facilitate Election Fraud - 4/29/2022

Los Angeles Woman Finds 104 Stolen Mail-In Ballots While Walking Dog; USPS, Registrar's Office Investigating - 5/10/2022

Pennsylvania County Bans Ballot Drop Boxes - 5/16/2022

Did PA Lt. Gov And Dem Candidate For US Senate John Fetterman Commit A Felony By Offering Gift Cards And Lottery Tickets As Incentives For "Banked" Votes? - 5/17/2022

Georgia's Record-Breaking Early Voting Turnout Defies 'Voter Suppression' Claim - 5/21/2022

Hedge Fund CEO And GOP Candidate David McCormick Files Lawsuit In PA GOP Senate Primary Race- Demands Undated Ballots That Arrived Late Be Counted In Race - 5/23/2022

Half Of Michigan GOP Candidates Challenging Gov. Gretchen Whitmer - Including Presumed Front-Runner - May Be Disqualified From Ballot - 5/24/2022

If You Can't Beat Them - Toss Them! Democrats In Michigan Are Working To Disqualify Top GOP Candidates From Ballot Due To Signature Discrepancies - Thursday Vot Blocks GOP Candidates From Governor Ballot - 5/26/2022

New Election Integrity Fears: Georgia County Ballot Machines Off By Thousands When Hand Counted - 6/2/2022

Pennsylvania Court Orders Disputed Ballots Counted In US Senate Contest - 6/3/2022

Voter Integrity Breached: Hand-Count Exposes Machines Off By Thousands - 6/4/2022

BREAKING VoterGA REPORT: Evidence Shows Georgia Voting System May Have Added 15% To Raffensperger Totals - 6/9/2022

BREAKING HUGE: Otero County New Mexico Votes To Remove Dominion Voting Systems, Zuckerberg Drop Boxes, And Other Election Machines! - 6/9/2022

Tennessee Supreme Court Bucks Robby Starbuck From GOP Primary At Behest Of Party Leaders - 6/10/2022

Mail-In Ballots Found Scattered Along Local San Diego Freeway - 6/16/2022

New Mexico County Refuses To Certify Election Results Over Machine Concerns, Igniting Legal Battle - 6/17/2022

Masks Weren't Required, But They ARRESTED Him For Not Wearing A Mask! - 6/18/2022

Kari lake Destroys Arizona Media For Falling For FAKE Drag Queen Story Pushed By Deranged Katie Hobbs Activist, Announces Defamation Lawsuits: "Think Twice About Defaming Kari Lake" - 6/21/2022