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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Other Criminal Activity

REPORT: Ilhan Omar's Father And Other Somalian War Crimes Perpetrators Now Living Illegally In The US - 7/16/2019

WATCH: Police Reveal Suspect In Brutal Murder Was Shielded From Deportation SIX Times By Sanctuary Laws

Man Charged With Raping, Killing Jogger By Drowning Her In Lake Was Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant

'Hostile' Migrants Break Border Gate To Enter Mexico, Then Attack Police - And They're Headed North

Illegal Alien From Kenya Now Tied To Possible 750 MURDERS

NY County Clerks Refuse To Issue Driver's Licenses To Illegals, Launch Lawsuit Against Cuomo

Human Rights Activist: 11-Year-Old Girl Smuggled Across Border Was Raped 30-40 Times A Day

Report: Illegals In NC Commit Sex Crimes 'At Rate Of Four To One, Compared To Citizens'

FBI Director Confirms The Worst: Mexico Cartel Activity Is 'Spilling Over' Into US

Democrat Quietly Vote To Allow Illegal Aliens To Work As Congressional Staffers

DeSantis Slams Biden After Illegal Alien Posing As Minor Allegedly Murders Dad Of 4: This Is Your Fault

In Just 9 Months On Biden's Watch, 23 Aliens Previously Convicted Of MURDER Tried To Come Back Over The Border In Arizona Alone, And That's Not All...- 11/21/2021

TSA Admits It Allows Illegal Immigrants To Use Arrest Warrants As ID To Board Planes - 1/24/2022

Chilling: Migrant Vows To Attack Any American Who Tries To Prevent His Illegal Crossing - Video - 1/24/2022

DeSantis Says 'Reckless Open Border Policies' Led To Murders Of Two More Florida Residents - 3/30/2022

Suspect In High-Profile Murder Of NY Mom Was In The Country Illegally: Report - 4/24/2022

Border Patrol Captures Ten Convicted Sex Offenders Infiltrating America In Three Days - 6/2/2022

Illegal Immigrant Acquitted Of Murdering Kate Steinle Sentenced On Federal Weapons Charges - 6/7/2022