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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: The Numbers

Departments Of Justice And Homeland Security Release Data On Incarcerated Aliens - 94 Percent Of All Confirmed Aliens In DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present

More Than 400 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended Within 5 Minutes By Border Agents In Texas

Another LARGE Caravan Forms In Honduras, Headed Straight For U.S. Amid Border Crisis

Armed U.S. Militia In New Mexico Catches 300 Illegals

Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms In Red States Ahead Of 2020 Election

US Border Patrol Needs Extra Toilets To Handle All The Families It's Detaining

Border Patrol Apprehends Over 3,700 Illegal Immigrants On Southwest Border In One Day

UN Admits 70 Per Cent Of Boat Migrants Not Eligible For Asylum

Border Crisis Goes Into Overdrive As Cameras Show 1,000 Immigrants Being Held Under A Bridge

Fox News: More Than 600K Illegal Immigrants Have Been Released By Biden Admin

Biden DHS Chief Admits At 12K Out Of 17K Illegals From Del Rio Bridge Released Into U.S.

In Just 9 Months On Biden's Watch, 23 Aliens Previously Convicted Of MURDER Tried To Come Back Over The Border In Arizona Alone, And That's Not All...- 11/21/2021

Biden Accused Of Withholding Critical Report - For First Time In 10 Years, Presdient Fails To Provide ICE Data - 1/6/2022

ICE Has 'Lost' 47,000 Illegal Immigrants After Release In 2021 - 1/13/2022

Biden Admin To Dump Up To 1,000 Afghan Refugees Next To Loudoun High School - 2/18/2022

Hundreds Of Ukrainian Refugees Determine The Easiest Way To Enter The US Is Through The Southern Border: Report - 3/27/2022

DOJ: 56% Of Federal Arrests In 2020 Took Place In 5 Judicial Districts Along U.S.-Mexico Border - 5/26/2022

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US With LGBT Flags Flying As Mexican President Snubs Biden At Summit - 6/14/2022