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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Trafficking

Human Rights Activist: 11-Year-Old Girl Smuggled Across Border Was Raped 30-40 Times A Day - 2/4/2019

Border Crisis: Smuggler Uses Young Girls As Decoy - 3/13/2019

Rapid DNA Testing Reveals A THIRD Of Migrants Faked Family Relationship With Children To Claim Asylum During ICE Pilot Of The Procedure In Texas - 5/19/2019

Tijuana Authorities Investigating Migrant Groups Trying To Buy Children To Cross Into The United States - 6/27/2019

Illegal Immigrant Bought Baby For $80 In Guatemala To Get Priority Release In US - 7/30/2019

ICE Report: Open Border Policies Allowed Pedophile To Slip Right Back Into The US - 11/18/2021

Biden Is Human "Trafficker In Chief" As Abandoned Young Children At Border Are Lft Unable To Speak Due To Relentless Brutal "Gang Rapes" - 2/21/2022

Human Trafficking: Cartels Exploit Chaos At Southern Border; Helping Young Victims - 3/12/2022

Border Patrol Union Leader Says Biden Border Policies Push Migrants Into Cartel Hands - 5/23/2022

At Least 46 Illegal Aliens Found Dead In A Trailer In San Antonio, And Death Toll May Climb Higher - 6/27/2022

Ted Cruz Finds Child-Sized Wristband At The Border, Unveils Nauseating Cartel Scheme Enabled By Biden - 7/16/2022

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Did Jean-Pierre Just ADMIT The Biden Admin Has Been Flying Migrants Across The Country 'Since Day One'? - 9/24/2022

Biden's Invasion: Disturbing Video Shows Young Illegal Immigrant Children Who Appear To Have Been Drugged At The Southern Border - 10/7/2022