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SHOCKING!  Parents Fight Back Against School's Transgender Policy - 11/18/2021

Lawsuit Claims School Re-Gendered Child Without Telling The Parents! - 11/18/2021

Leaked Audio Reveals How California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LBGTQ Clubs - 11/20/2021

Grooming? Woke Schools Brainwash Kids Using The Same Tactics Deployed By Pedophiles - 11/30/2021

Child Abuse As Policy: Chicago Public Schools Adopt Trans Bathrooms - 12/7/2021

Parent Says Daughter Was 'Coached' On LGBTQ Identity At California School - 12/17/2021

Parents Of 12-Year-Old Girl Take Action After School Student's Gender - 12/27/2021

WATCH: Is This 4-Year-Old Really Transgender, Or Is Mom After TikTok Fame? - 1/3/2022

Woke Lesson At Public High School Told Students They're Privileged If They're Christian, Straight, Or Male.  Now District Reportedly Is Doing Damage Control. - 1/12/2022

Parents Horrified Over Explicit Report - Shccking Leaked Footage In Private Schools Goes Viral - 2/17/2022

'It's Horrific': Psaki Says Not Teacing 5-Year-Olds About Gender Identity Is 'A Form Of Bullying' - 3/9/2022

Grieving Mother Claims LA County School Pushed Transgender Treatments On Her Teenage Daughter Who Ultimately Committed Suicide: 'Why Did They Play With Her Life?' - 3/19/2022

Disney Blatantly Lies About Florida Bill Protecting Parents' Rights - And The Backlash Is Swift - 3/28/2022

New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 Yr Olds To Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy Without Parental Consent - 3/28/2022

Leaked Footage: Disney Producer Brags About Pushing 'Gay Agenda' In Cartoons, President Wants Many More LGBT Characters - 3/30/2022

Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We're Grooming Your Children - 3/30/2022

WATCH: DeSantis Torches Disney Over Opposition To Law Banning Sexual Ideology Being Forced On Young Children - 3/30/2022

Disney Executives Outline 'Gay Agenda,' Push For More Queer Characters In Internal Meeting - 3/30/2022

Mom's 'Goodbye' Message To Disney Goes Viral: Disney Has 'Transformed Into A Political Propaganda Machine' That 'Grooms Children For Abortions And Sexual Promiscuity' - 4/1/2022

Former Disney Artist EXPOSES Company's 'MILITANT ACTIVISTS' - 4/1/2022

Florida Bill Already Doing Its Job, Teachers Abandoning Profession As Open Child Grooming Could Become Virtually Impossible - 4/4/2022

Yes, David French, Public Schools Are Absolutely 'Grooming' Children. I Would Know - 4/7/2022

Planned Parenthood Was Behind False "Don't Say Gay" Attack So It Could Make Millions Selling Hormone Therapies - 4/8/2022

Preschool Teacher - And 'Polyamorous, Gender-Fluid Witch' - Goes Viral For Admitting How She Teaches Her Young Students About Sexuality And Identity - 4/12/2022

THIS Is Why 'Libs Of TikTok' Creator Was DOXXED By The Left - 4/21/2022

Marxists Seek To Destabilize American Society Through Sexualization of Young People: Expert - 4/24/2022

Lincoln Project Founder Melts Down, Defends Groomer In Embarrassing Twitter Tantrum - 5/12/2022

With New Book, Pediatricians Try To Ensnare Kids In Gender Ideology - 5/17/2022

Ben Shapiro: Liberals Want To Kill Children Before They're Born And Groom Them After - 5/17/2022

Pro-Transgender Video For Kindergarteners Says A Doctor Can Make A 'Mistake' About A Baby's Gender.  Clip Just Got Removed From Maine's Dept. Of Education Website - 5/20/2022

Groom Rooms: AZ DoE Wants Kids To Join LGBT Chats With Adults - 5/27/2022

Arizona School Club On Leadership And Diversity Asked Students If Their 'Heterosexuality Was A Phase They Would Grow Out Of' - 6/14/2022

CDC Promotes Teen Chate Platform To Discuss LGBT Topics, Witchcraft Without Parental Oversight - 7/22/2022

CDC Directs Kids To Secretive Online Chat Space To Explore Sex Change Operations, 'Having Mulitiple Genders,' The Occult - 7/16/2022

War On Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Mom's 11-Year-Old 'Transgender' Daughter To Sleep In Boys' Cabin - 8/10/2022

'Disturbing' State Department Of Eduction Training Materials Coach Teachers To Hide Kids' Transgender Identity From Parents - 8/14/2022

Yale Professor Helps Toddlers With Their 'Gender Journey' - 8/19/2022

Leftist Teacher Says Quiet Part Outloud - Accidentally Admits Easy Way To Purge Wokeism In Schools - 8/28/2022

3 In 4 Americans Say Transgender Insanity Targeting Children Has 'Gone Too Far' - 11/4/2022

Judge Rules That Parents' Lawsuit Against Transgender Lessons Taught To First-Graders Can Move Forward - 11/4/2022

Sting Operation Arrests 13 Accused Of Wanting To 'Sexually Abuse, groom' Children, Including Disney Employee And IT Guy Who Protects Students From Online Predators - 9/16/2022

Photos Surface Of Sex-Toy Ring Toss Game At Gay Pride Festival Billed As 'Family Friendly.' Group In Charge Of Game Calls It A Safe-Sex Icebraker. - 11/16/2022