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- See Politics & Politicians: Jeffrey Epstein & Ghaslaine Maxwell

Bombshell UN Dossier: UN Aid Workers Raped 60,000 People As It's Claimed Organization Employs 3,300 Pedophiles

Investigator Found Dead After Exposing New Details On Elite Pedophile Ring - 11/30/2016

While Mainstream Media Obsesses Over Russia, Trump's FBI Out Catching Pedophiles - 2/28/2017

Chris Cuomo's Producer Arrested For Soliciting Children For Sex - 12/13/2021

USA Today Skewered For Article Claiming Pedophilia Is 'Misunderstood.' Newspaper Deletes Tweets, Changes Headline After Being Accused Of Attempting To 'Normalize Pedophilia.' - 1/13/2022

MUST WATCH: Hawley Outlines Seven Cases Where Ketanji Brown Jackson We Lenient On Pedophiles - 3/21/2022

Attorney Davis: Democrats Are Acting Like "Groomers" In Defending Judge Ketanji Jackson's Leniency Of Child Predators And Child Porn Distributors (VIDEO) - 3/22/2022

Ketanji Brown Jackson's Claim Child Pornographers Aren't Pedophiles Disputed By Own Experts - 3/28/2022

UH OH: White House Left Out Details Of "Grisly Child Porn Case" From Nominee Materials Given To GOP - 3/29/2022

Republicans Accuse Biden White House Of A 'Cover-Up' As New Details On SCOTUS Nominee Come To Light - 3/29/2022

Former Child Actor Cole Sprouse Says Disney 'Heavily Sexualized' Young Girls At The Network - 4/5/2022

Biden Labor Secretary Linked To Disgusting Pedo Cover-Up - 5/20/2022

Average Of One Alleged Pedophile Busted Each Day In Our School System - 5/24/2022

Biden's Justice Department Decides Not To Press Charges Against FBI Agents In Botched Larry Nassar Case - 5/27/2022

Doctors Give Kids Drugs That Can Chemically Castrate Them - Just Like Pedophiles - 6/6/2022

Former Disney Actor Ssentenced To Two Years In Prison For Child Sex Crime - 6/7/2022

Drag Queen Who Also Works As Youth Counselor Charged With 25 Counts Of Child Pornography - 6/27/2022