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DeSantis Suspends Progressive, Soros-Backed State Attorney Who Vowed Not To Enforce State Laws On Abortion And Child Sex Operations: 'When You Make Yourself Above The Law, You Have Violated Your Duty' - 8/4/2022

Libs Of TikTok And Matt Walsh Alert DEA About Transgender Individual Who Openly Discussed An Effort To Give Away Prescription Hormones - 8/5/2022

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Governor Calls For Investigation Of Prestigious Hospital After Conservative Commentator's Exposé Of Pediatric Transgender Clinic - 9/21/2022

Report: Puberty Blockers Foisted Upon Minors Proven To Have Devastating, Irreversible Effects - 9/21/2022

Tennessee House GOP Requests Vanderbilt Medical Stop Performing Gender Surgeries On Children, Refer To It As 'Abuse' - 9/28/2022

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Matt Walsh Holding 'Rally To End Child Mutilation' In Tennessee - 10/1/2022

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National Transsexual Rights Activist Once Boosted By The New York Times Found Guilty Of Horrific Murders Of Lesbians And An African Teen - 11/18/2022