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World Health Organization - WHO

Early COVID-19 Name Was Much More Menacing, Devious WHO Action Protected China's Reputation

German Intel: China Told WHO To Hide Human-To-Human Coronavirus Transmission In January

China Asked The WHO To Help Cover Up Coronavirus, German Intelligence Concludes

China Proxy WHO Prescribed LOCKDOWNS That Were Followed By Fauci And Birx To Destroy US Economy

Madagascar's President Claims W.H.O. Offered $20 Million Bribe To Contaminate COVID-19 Remedy

Coronavirus To Burn Out 'Naturally' BEFORE Vaccine? former Top WHO Oncologist Karol Sikora Says There's 'REAL CHANCE' Of That

WHO Guidance: Healthy People Should Wear Masks Only When 'Taking Care Of' Coronavirus Patients

WHO Alters Timeline To Indicat It First Learned Of Coronavirus From Internet, Not Chinese Officials

WHO Reverses Course, Says Lockdowns Are Too Damaging And Shouldn't Be Primary COVID Response

Pandemic Numbers Faked To Blame Trump: The WHO Changes Guidelines On COVID Tests An Hour After Biden Inquguration

WHO Advisory Board Member Admits China Engaging In "Massive Cover-Up' On COVID-19 Origins

Lying WHO Post May Have Literally Tricked People Into Getting The COVID Vaccine

Taiwan Releases December Email To WHO Showing Unheeded Warning About Coronavirus - 4/13/2020

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Washington Post Fact Check Rates Trump Claim About WHO 'False,' Then Provides At Least Nine Examples Showing That It Was Actually True - 4/18/2020

United Nations & World Health Organization Caught In Sexual Abuse Scandal - 10/2021

WHO: No Deaths Reported As A Result Of Omicron Variant To Date - 12/10/2021

World Health Organization Tells Ukraine To Destroy Dangerous Pathogens To Prevent 'Potential Spills' Of Disease From Labs - 3/11/2022

GLOBAL GOV'T ALERT: Threat To National Sovereignty Set To Go Down May 22-28 At WHO World Health Assembly - 4/26/2022

EXCLUSIVE: WHO Propaganda Outlet From France Attacks Gateway Pundit Reporting And Dr. Li Who Claims COVID Was Created In A Lab And Released Intentionally By China - 5/7/2022

Despite Reports Of Recurring Covid-19 Symptoms After Taking Paxlovid Pill, WHO Calls Pfizer To Make Its Covid Pill Available To Poorer Countries - 5/10/2022

Global Health Agencies Planned For Monkeypox Pandemic To Strike In May 2022, Wargame Document From Early 2021 Reveals - 5/22/2022

BREAKING: War-Game Document From 2021 Reveals Global health Agencies Planned For Monkeypox Pandemic To Strike In May 2022 - 5/22/2022

WHO Expert Says Monkeypox Outbreak May Have Emerged From Sex At 2 Different European Raves - 5/23/2022

Docs From 2021 Int'l Security Exercise Showed Monkeypox Bio Attack On May 15, 2022 - 5/24/2022

Deace: American Sovereignty Is About To Be Overruled By The World Health organization. For Your Own Good, Of Course - 5/24/2022

The WHO Treaty Is Tied To A Global Digital Passport And Digital ID System - 5/24/2022

Monkeypox 'Games' Could Lay Groundwork For WHO Pandemic Response Takeover - 5/24/2022

World Health Organization Temporarily Withdraws Biden's 'Public Health Emergency' Amendments - 5/26/2022

New WHO Report Reverses Prior Findings On COVID-19 Lab-Leak Theory - 6/10/2022

World Health Organization Will Rename Monkeypox To Avoid Stigma And Racism - 6/14/2022

After Years Of Denials, A Report Indicates That The Head Of The WHO Quietly Believes COVID-19 Came From Lab In Wuhan, China - 6/19/2022

Documentary: WHO Program Resulting IN Sterilization Of African Women Without Their Consent - 6/21/2022

WHO Declares Monkeypox Outbreak A Global Health Emergency After 5 Deaths Worldwide - 7/23/2022

G20 Promotes WHO-Standardized Global Vaccine Passport And 'Digital Health' Identity Scheme - 11/17/2022