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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Claims Previously Undisclosed Peter Strzok And Lisa Page Emails On Seth Rich Are Redacted To Protect Investigation They Claim Never Happened! - 2/4/2020

How The FBI Raid On Project Veritas Helped Protect The New York Times - 12/1/2021

FBI Docs: They Paid For Seth Rich's Murder - 3/5/2022

FBI Exec Denies Knowing Whereabouts Of Hunter Biden Laptop As Contents Put Into Congressional Record - 3/30/2022

'A Conspiracy Of Silence': FBI And NYPD Accused Of Cover-Up Concerning Police Officer Murdered In Mosque - 5/27/2022

Biden's Justice Department Decides Not To Press Charges Against FBI Agents In Botched Larry Nassar Case - 5/27/2022

Olympic Gymnasts, Others Sue FBI For $1 Billion For Allegedly Mishandling Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Claims - 6/8/2022

BREAKING: FBI Now Going After Pennsylvania's 2020 Alternate Electors Who Were Selected in Response To Stolen 2020 Election - 8/11/2022

FBI Issues 'Subpoenas Or Paid Visits' To Multiple Republican Lawmakers: Report - 8/11/2022

Researcher Alleges FBI Seriously Undercounts Armed Citizen Responses To Active Shootings, Real Number 3x Higher - 8/13/2022

OH MY, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Biden Family Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski Says Top FBI Official Tim Thibault Buried Info He Gave To Bureau On Biden Family Criminal Acts - 9/2/2022

FBI Hiding Potentially Explosive Records On Jeffrey Epstein: Internet Sleuth - 9/15/2022

FBI Officials Who Friefed Facebook On Hunter Biden Story Are Dem Donors - 10/10/2022

FBI Agents Involved In Facebook's Suppression Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story Were Democrat Donors: Records - 10/12/2022

FBI Director Christopher Wray Admits He Left Congressional Hearing For Vacation On A Government Jet - And Dodges Questions On If Hunter Biden Allegations Are Russian Disinformation Under Intense Questioning From Republicans - 11/17/2022