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Joe & Hunter Biden: Administrative Policies Resembling Fascism: Empowering Big Tech & Government Groups

White House ADMITS It's Colluding With BIG TECH To Censor YOU?

White House Urges Social Media To Universally Ban Every User Biden Doesn't Like - 7/17/2021

BREAKING: Biden's 'Personal Gestapo' Demands Big Tech Turn In Publishers Of COVID 'Misinformation' - 3/4/2022

13 States Bring Legal Action Against Biden - They're Demanding FBI Records Of Surveillance On American Parents - 3/4/2022

Republican Attorneys General Sue Joe Biden For Colluding With Big Tech To Censor Information On Hunter's 'Laptop From Hell' And Covid - 5/5/2022

Louisiana, Missouri AGs File Suit Against Biden Admin Officials For 'Colluding' With Big Tech - 5/6/2022

Buttigieg Says Feds Have Power To Force Airlines To Hire More Workers Amid Travel Delays - 6/19/2022

Missouri Attorney General Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Biden For Colluding With Big Tech - Evidence From The Gateway Pundit Plays Major Role In Case - 6/22/2022

Biden Signs Executive Order Creating Abortion 'Task Force' - Makes Obscene Comparison To Civil Rights Movement - 7/11/2022

Subpoenas Going To Return 'Treasure Trove' Of Documents From Biden Administration: Louisiana AG - 8/1/2022

The FBI Raided Trump Because He's A Threat To The Deep State - 8/9/2022

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden Enlists China Owned TikTok To Partner With Federal Voting Assistance Program In 2022 Midterm Elections - 8/20/2022

Op-Ed: Today's Leftists Employ Disturbingly Familiar Tactics - 8/13/2022

Memos EXPOSE Biden Admin's Role In Trump Criminal Probe - 8/24/2022

At Democrats' Bidding, Google And Yelp Censor Searches For Life-Saving Pregnancy Centers - 8/29/2022

We Have The Emails: Internal Records Prove Biden Admin Colluded With Facebook, Twitter To Censor Users - 9/1/2022

White House Asked Meta To Remove Fauci Parody Account. Meta Responded In Less Than 60 Seconds. - 9/1/2022

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved In Social Media Censorship Push: Documents - 9/1/2022

CAUGHT RED-HANDED - Missouri AG Schmitt's Lawsuit Against Biden Admin With TGP As Plaintiff REVEALS GOVERNMENT-WIDE 'CENSORSHIP ENTERPRISE'! - 9/1/2022

Judge Slams Fauci, Jean-Pierre: You Have 21 Days To Turn Over Emails - 9/7/2022

Bombshell: DOJ Conceals Records About Biden's Use Of Federal Agencies To Influence Elections - 9/12/2022

Fauci And The U.S. Gov't Are Being SUED For Colluding With Big Tech To Silence Lockdown Skeptics - 10/3/2022

With New Documents, The Biden Administration's Targeting Of A Pro-Life Dad Just Got Crazier - 10/4/2022

Biden Admin Recruits TikTok Invludencers To Combat 'Misinformation' - 10/9/2022

The FACE Act Is Unconstitutional. It's Past Time Congress Got Rid Of It - 10/28/2022