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Democratic Party

Democrats Are Flirting With A Dangerous Economic Theory

Tammy Bruce: Democrats Casually Admit Their Obscene Accusations Against Trump And His Supporters Was A Sham

Democrats Are On The Brink Of Collapse - And For 1 BIG Reason

Democrat Rashida Tlaib Admits That Her Entire Party Is RACIST, Finally Exposes The Truth

2020 Front-Runner Joe Biden's Ukrainian Corruption Scandal, Explained

Chalkboard Lesson: Detailing The Most Corrupt Vice Presdient In US History

LEAKED: Obama Team Kept List Of Muslims For Top Jobs, Excluded Non-Muslims

Dems Deny Bill To Educate Children Of Vets, Approve $27M In Tuition For The Undocumented

WATCH: Maxine Grills Bankers On Student Debt Crisis, Forgets Loans Were Nationalized Under Obama

AOC Pulls Out The Race Card On Crenshaw - It Ends BAD For Her!

Sandy Berger: What Did He Take And Why Did He Take It?

Kamala Harris's Jamaican Ancestors 'Turning In Their Grave,' Her Father Says

New York Times Op-ed Calls Out 'Unlivable' Conditions In Democratic-led Cities

Obama DOJ Spokesperson Twists Himself In Knots Trying To Explain Why It's Fine For Democrats To Hire Foreigners For Campaigns

George Soros And Neoliberalism Still Own The Democrats

George Soros -- The Hillary Democrats' Billionaire Puppetmaster?

Al Gore Sr's Racism And Opposition To The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Video Shows Ocasio-Cortez Is An Actress Who Auditioned To Be Congresswoman By Dem Group

President Of National Border Patrol Council: 'Ocasio-Cortez Is Trying To Dehumanize Us'

Joe Biden Starts Presidential Campaign By Praising Antifa

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Defends His Antifa Son In Heated Confrontation

After Border Scandal Is Revealed, Ted Launches A 'Cruz Missile' At Dems In Congress

AOC: 'Looks Like CBP Lied' About Facebook Group

Newly Resurfaced Photos Illustrate Just How Hypocritical Dems Are About Detention Facilities

The Left's Endgame Is Not Chaos.  It's Worse.

SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Kamala Harris' Ancestor Owned

California Democrats Push Bill Allowing Noncitizens To Hold Party Leadership Roles

Democrats Scramble To Fix 'God Problem'

Bill de Blasio Quotes Che Guevara's rallying Cry In Miami, Then Claims He Didn't Know Where The Quote Came From

Kamala Harris' Father Drops Another Big Bombshell About Her Family History

Donald Harris, Kamela Harris's Father: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Even CNN Admits The 2020 Dem Candidates Are Further Left Than 'Any Modern Presidential Election'

House Dem Blasts 'Juvenile' Ocasio-Cortez, Chief Of Staff: 'Ignorance Is Beyond Belief'

Photo Contradicts Pelosi's Statement ABout Not Meeting Kislyak

House Dems DELETE Tweet After Realizing They Used Obama-Era Photo Of Migrant "Kids In Cages"

WATCH: Ex-ICE Director Explodes At Dem Rep Who Exploits Children To Score Political Points

BREAKING: ILHAN OMAR SUPPORTERS Caught Threatening, Attempting "To Dox A Somali WhistleBlower" Who Revealed Ilhan's Crimes

SHE'S TOAST: Latest Report By David Steinberg Describes Ilhan Omar's 8 Instances Of Perjury - Could Face 40 Years In Prison Or Deportation

Family Matters: How A US Member Of Congress Was Raised By The Red-Green Axis

Dem Lawmaker Flip Flops On Racism Claim After Man She Confronted Tells His Side Of The Story

What The Modern Democratic Party Stands for In 20 Quotes From The Trump Era

Since The Media Won't Report It, Here Are Dozens Of Anti-American Statements By 'The Squad'

Ilhan Omar Told Somali Immigrant: Why Don't We Deport You Back To "Where Ever You Came From"

Ilhan Omar Claims Her Obama Comments Were Distorted, But Newly Released Evidence Reveals The Truth

Video Surfaces Showing Nancy Pelosi Advocating Republican Policy On Border Crisis

Father Of Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Says She Lied About Where She Lived To Get Elected

FBI Insider: El Paso Shooter Told Officials It Was The Democrat Debate On Free Healthcare To Illegals - Not Trump! - That Triggered His Mass Shooting

FLASHBACK: Baltimore Mayor Does City Walk Through, Complains 'Whoa, You Can Smell The Rats And Dead Animals'

Flashback: Elijah Cummings Calls Baltimore "Drug Infested" ...Race Mob Gives Him A Pass

Trump Calls Out Democrats For Putting Illegal immigrants Ahead Of Inner City Americans

Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar Shares Disgusting Tweet Praising Senator Rand Paul's Attacker, His Office Responds To Her 'Anti-American Beliefs'

The Myth Of The Republican-Democrat 'Switch'

US Federal Court Exposes Democratic Party Conspiracy Against Assange And WikiLeaks

Watch Pelosi Condemn Trump Based On Transcript, But She Hasn't Even Read It

More Lies...Ilhan Omar Responds To Deleted Tweet With Father's Real Name - Lies To Reporter

Lt. Col. Allen West Says 'Pelosi Just...Committed A High Crime And Misdemeanor'

Exclusive - Trump Campaign Exposes Six Separate Foreign Policy Lies By Democrat Joe Biden

Holiday Reminder: Bernie Sanders a Bum Who Didn't Earn His First steady Paycheck Until Age 40 Then Wormed His Way Into Politics

17 Democrats Who Weren't Held Accountable for Scandals by Their Constituents

Pete Buttigieg's Father Was a Marxist Professor Who Lauded the Communist Manifesto

CIA Agents Reveal Bill Clinton Stopped Them Killing bin Laden, Signed Bill Making It Illegal To Take Deadly Action

'I Have Left The Plantation': Dem Rep Who Endorsed Trump Steps Down Over Democrats' 'Harassment,' SLams Party For 'Bigotry' Against 'Independent' 'Black People'

Trump-Backing Democrat Changes Course After Announcing Resignation: 'Democrats' Won't 'Bully Me Into Submission'

Democrats To Punish Black Michigan Lawmaker Who Said Trump Helped Her Beat Coronavirus By Urging Hydroxychloroquine Consideration