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Fake News

Exposed: 'Dan Rather And The Birth Of Fake News'

CBS' Lara Logan Just Exposed Leftist Media Bias.  Again.  So Why Do So Many Media Members Ignore The Criticism?

"Cronkite's Offensive History"

CNN Ends Interview When Venezuelan Guest Warns Radical Dems Endangering America

MSNBC Anchor Mocks Fox News For Criticism of Ocasio-Cortez - Then His Guest Stuns Him

This Viral Photo Of A Caged Child Is From A Protest, Not A Detention Center

Ex-CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Explains How They Fake The News

WATCH: Nick Sandmann's Lawyers Release Video Blasting CNN, Washington Post

News Outlet Admits It Withheld Explosive Information About Beto O'Rourke Until After Senate Race

AG Bill Barr DESTROYS Trump-Hating Democrat: Hate Crimes Are Up Since 2013 - Have Seen No Data To Show It's Increased Under Trump (VIDEO)

Journaist Uncovers Court Docs That Just BLEW The Lid Off Vegas Massacre's Official Story

"It PAINS Me To Say It...But TRUMP IS RIGHT' - CNN's Fareed Zakaria On Refugee System

'STAGED': AOC Slammed For Pushing Photos Of Herself At Border To Help 'Concentration Camp' Remarks

SHE LIED: Kamala Harris Says She Was In Second Integrated Class In Berkeley - But Yearbook Pictures Prove She's Lying

Epstein BANNED From Mar-a-Lago Years Ago By President Trump, Media Silent

AOC Photographer Demands Removal Of Images Sowing Congresswoman Crying Over Nothing

Hispanic Pastors Tour Border Facility Lambasted By AOC And Say They Are 'Shocked By Misinformation'

Democrats Swore Trump Would Give A Partisan Speech.  He Gave A Unifying One.

8 Times The Media Said There Was No Crisis At The Southern Border

Eleven Stories Involving Media Bias And The Border Crisis

AOC: 'Looks Like CBP Lied' About Facebook Group

ABC Worries Dems 'Playing Right Into' Trump's Effort To Paint Them As 'Socialist'

Acosta Blames Trump Supporter For Attacking Journalist, Video Shreds His Credibility

CNN Admits Their Reports On Fox News Anchor Were False (Explosive!)

Comey's White House Spy Works For Buzzfeed & CNN

Soros Buys Fake News, Helps Save Vice Media In $250 Million Deal

Trump Shares Epstein Death Conspiracy Theory -- So Did ALL THESE DEMOCRATS

Jesse Watters: Media Not Reporting El Paso Shooter Is 'Environmental Extremist' Not Influenced By Trump

Democrats, MSM Use El Paso Killer's Manifesto To Blame President Trump - But Omit This 'Inconvenient Truth'

MSNBC Host Says Trump Is Talking About 'Exterminating Latinos' - And Faces Brutal Social Media Backlash

Woman Who Exposed Trash In Baltimore: I'm Being Threatened With Hit Piece, Hacking

One America News Sends Cease And Desist Notices To MSNBC, Rachel Maddow And Daily Beast, Warns Of Lawsuits If They Fail To Comply

Media Pounces On Edited Video Of Ilhan Omar's Comments Against White Men - But The Unedited Version Is Worse

The Lies Of The 1619 Project

Medical Exam Disputes CNN Report, Shows Detained Immigrant Was Not Lactating, ICE Says

The Media Crossed A Line This Week And There's No Going Back

CNN Just Yadda-Yadda-Yadda'd 540 Words To Frame Trump For 'Favor' He Never Requested

CNN Silent After It Was Revealed Correspondent Andrew McCabe Apologized For Lying To Investigators

Top 10 Most Bizarre Viral Hoaxes Of 2019

Astonishing: Sharyl Attkisson Chronicles 109 Negative Media Trump Stories That Turned Out To Be False

Outlets Bury Report That Melania Won Over Crowd at Baltimore Opioid Summit