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Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama

Sources: Chinese Hacked Hillary's Email Server

HUGE if true: Mollie Hemigway Shares Piece Highlighting New Informaiton On Lisa Page That Should TERRIFY Hillary

NBC Admits Hillary Clinton Used Her Job To Cover Up Pedophile Rings As Secretary of State

It Exists: DOJ Finds Letter Ordering Scrutiny Of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton

Obama DOJ Told FBI Not To Charge Hillary, Lisa Page Reveals What The 'Insurance Policy' Was

WATCH: Jordan Goes Off! Says No Evidence Of Trump Collusion, But 'All Kinds' Exposing Hillary

'Final Batch' Of Emails Clinton Tried To 'Delete Or Destroy' Uncovered: Contain More Classified Material

Newly Uncovered Clinton Email Exchange Describes Plan To Thwart U.S. 'Jewish Leadership'

FBI Documents Reveal Evidence Of 'Cover Up' Discussions About Hillary's Private Server

Report: Former Top Clinton Aide Running 'Dark Money' Campaign To Get Brett Kavanaugh Fired From Teaching Job

Starr Admits He Omitted In FBI Report That Hillary Catalyzed Vince Foster's Suicide, Report Says

Top Ukrainian Official Opens Investigation Into Alleged Plot To Boost Hillary In 2016 Election, Report Says

HUGE! FBI Admits Hillary Clinton Emails Found In Obama White House - In The Executive Office Of The President

New Cache Of 339 Emails Shows Fusion GPS Emailing Anti-Trump Intel Directly To Obama's DOJ: Report

New York Times Admits Obama Admin Deployed Multiple Spies Against Trump Campaign In 2016

Sen. Lindsey Graham Reads Off Strzok-Page Text Messages And Drops An F-Bomb To Open Judiciary Hearing With AG Barr (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz Releases List Of 75 Illegal Acts By Obama

JUST IN: Trump's FBI Gets it Done, Clinton Official Pleads Guilty To TREASON For Collusion

Clinton Fundraiser Ticket Seller Arrested On Charges Of Distributing Child Porn - Total Media Blackout

Wrong Again Joe Biden: Obama Admin So Corrupt 70 Inspectors General urged Congress To Stop Obama IG Crackdown!

7 Reasons Why The Uranium One Scandal Won't Go Away

REPORT: Evidence Suggests Barack Obama Conspired With Foreign Powers To Overthrow President Trump

Tom Fitton: Deep State Covered-Up Illicit Clinton Emails Found In Obama WH & Targeted Trump

NBC NEWS: Hillary Clinton Covered Up Pedophile Ring

Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US "Created" ISIS As A "Tool" To Overthrow Syria's President Assad

George Soros -- The Hillary Democrats' Billionaire Puppetmaster?

"Early 20th Century Progressive", Hillary Proudly Proclaimed To The World - You Remember?

Report: Obama Officials Caught Advising Iran How To Defeat Trump Foreign Policy

Major Leak: Report Exposes Hillary Clinton's Dirty Trick To Defeat Trump In 2016 Election

Russian Oligarch Paid Man Hired By Hillary To Claim Trump Colluded With Russia

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE? Crooked Hillary Posts Instructions IN SPANISH For Illegal Aliens To Evade ICE Agents

FBI Rocked By Public Suicide Of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation

REPORT: US Is Less Racist Under Trump Than Obama

NEW Emails Reveal Obama State Dept. Officials Tied To Dossier Set Meeting On "Russian Matter"

Bill Clinton Dined With Jeffrey Epstein In 1995, Predating Public Timeline: Report

FLASHBACK: Bill Maher Joked About Bill Clinton's Visits To Epstein's 'Sex Island'

Students Say 'Trump Quote' On Immigration Is Super Racist - But Are Shocked When They Discover Comments Were Actually From Obama

Shock As Hillary Sides With Iran's Regime That Calls "Death To America" Against President Trump

Grassley, Johnson Release Investigative Findings On Alleged Hack Of Clinton's Server By China

The List Of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously. Check It Out.

The 47 Clinton Friends Who Mysteriously Turned Up Dead (Pt.1)

Former MCC Inmate: There's 'No Way' Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself

Media Critic David Zurawik: Obama's Actions Against The Press Are Worse Than Trump's Words So Far

THE UPDATED LIST: 130 Times The FBI, DOJ and/or Mueller Gang "deviated From Standard Practice" or Committed Crimes In Effots To Exonerate Hillary And Indict President Trump

Haitian Gov Official Found Dead One Week Before Scheduled To Testify In Court Against Clinton Foundation

Billionaire Couple Linked To The Clinton Foundation's Work In Haiti Found Dead In Claimed "Murder/Suicide"

Developing: Obama And His Italian Friend Renzi Suspected Of Spying On Trump And Using Italian State Secrecy Decree To Cover It Up

Unsealed FISA Court Ruling Shows 85% Of Obama's FBI And DOJ 704-5 FISA Searches Were Illegal And illegally Provided To Government Outsiders

Obama's Benghazi in Baghdad

How Obama Secretly Gave Iran Access To Billions Of Dollars - And Enabled Terrorism

REMINDER: Obama Launched Thousands Of Strikes Against Syria And Iraq Without Congressional Approval

FBI Implicated In Destroying Evidence To Help Hillary Clinton

US Payment of $1.7 Billion to Iran Made Entirely in Cash

Ratcliffe: Obama Admin Asked Foreign Governments to Investigate Candidate Trump

Obama's FBI and the Press