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Freedom Convoys 2022

Caught on Tape: SHOCKING Video Reveals What Trudeau's 'Hateful' And 'Violent' Protesters are Really Doing - 2/2/2022

Elon Musk Responds To GoFundMe Canceling Freedom Convoy Fund For Canadian Truckers - 2/5/2022

GoFundMe Takes Down Trucker Convoy Fundraiser But Hosted

These Far-Left Groups... - 2/5/2022

GoFundMe Rips $9,000,000 From Freedom Convoy; Planned To Redistribute Fortune To 'Approved' Charities Like BLM - 2/5/2022

GoFundMe Says All Donations To Trucker Convoy Will Be Automatically Refunded; Florida To Investigate - 2/5/2022

Canada's 'Freedom Trucker' Protest Grows Coast to Coast - 2/6/2022

Flashback: Years Before GoFundMe Ripped $9 Million from Peaceful Truckers, It Actively Promoted Violent Takeover of Seattle - 2/6/2022

Canadian Truckers Are The Friendliest Terrorists Ever - But The Crackdown Has Begun - 2/7/2022

Canadians 'Deliberately Misled' by Government, Media on Diversity of Truck Protest, Professor Says - 2/8/2022

You're Handling Power the Ability to Shut Down Critique (from Livestream #114) - 2/8/2022

A Night With the Untouchables - 2/9/2022

Brutal Video Shows Cops Accosting Tiny Elderly Man During Freedom Convoy Protests.  His 'Crime'? 'I Just Gave the Trucker a Thumbs-up and A Honk' - 2/9/2022

Ottawa Has Imposed New Rules On The Freedom Convoy Protesters - Here's Their Reponse (VIDEO) - 2/11/2022

'This Could Cost Him His Job': Only 16% of canadians Would Vote For 'Weak' Trudeau Based On His LEadership During the Freedom Convoy - 2/12/2022

VIDEO: Military Puts The Brakes On Prime Minister Trying To Break up Freedom Convoy - 2/16/2022

After Canada PM Uses Emergency Powers Against Truckers - The Convoy Responds With 'Laughter,' Then Grows More - 2/16/2022

Trudeau Had A 'Comedy Special' Where He Ridiculed Russia - 2/16/2022

Canadian Authorities Send Freedom Truckers' Names to Banks, Freezing Accounts - 2/17/2022

Justin Trudeau Invokes Never Before Used Power To Exert His Tyrann Over Canadian Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Ottawa By-Law Services Sends A Cruel Reminder To Freedom Convoy: Remember What Happens To Pets When Their Owners Are Arrested - 2/17/2022

Justin Trudeau Makes UNPRECEDENTED Power Grab To Exert His Tyranny Over Canadians Demanding Freedom - 2/17/2022

Trudeau Has A Special Hatred For Trump Supporters...And Will Freeze Bank Accounts (VIDEO) - 2/17/2022

Images From Inside the Trucker Camp in Ottawa - 2/18/2022

WATCH: Ottawa Police Use Pepper Spray, Clubs, Horses Against Freedom Convoy Protesters - 2/18/2022

Breaking: Canadian Authorities Annouce Media Could Be Arrested During Trucker Roundup, Issue Warning to Reporters - 2/18/2022

Jewish Experts, Professors Condemn Trudeau's Nazi 'Smear Campaign' Against Freedom Convoy Protesters - 2/18/2022

Trudeau Donated To Black Lives Matter And Kneeled In Obedience - Then Arrests Working Truckers, Freezes Their Bank Accounts And Steals Their Dogs Who Oppose His Vax Mandates - 2/18/2022

Canada Makes Its Move: Gov't Forces Attack 'Liberty' Camper, Drag It Away, Arrest Owner Inside - 2/19/2022

Canadian Police Arrest Convoy Leaders, Prepare To 'Remove' Truckers' Children From Protest Zone - 2/19/2022

Washington Post Hammered For Painting Freedom Convoy As 'Explicitly Racist,' Arguing 'Freedom Is A Key Component Of White Supremacy' - 2/20/2022

Watch: Actress Evangeline Lilly Challenges Justin Trudeau To Listen To Freedom Convoy Members And Not Treat Protesters As 'Terrorists' In Impassioned Plea - 2/20/2022

Canadian Premier Suing Over Trudeau's Use Of Emergencies Act: 'There Is NO Insurrecion Or Coup' - 2/20/2022

'It Is Our Job As The People To Hold Our Leadership Accountable': Marvel Actress Begs Trudeau To Sit Down With Truckers - 2/20/2022

Washington Post Hammered For Painting Freedom Convoy As 'Explicily Racists,' Arguing 'Freedom Is A Key Component Of White Supremacy' - 2/20/2022

Ottawa Police Criticize misinformation As Video of Mounted Officers Bowling Over Disabled Protester Goes Global - 2/20/2022

Canadian Speaker Blames "Poor Audio," Cuts Member's Feed When He Asks Why Klaus Schwab Is "Bragging" About The WEF Successfully "Infiltrating Half Of Canada's Cabinet" - (VIDEO) - 2/20/2022

Canadian Police vow To 'Identify' Freedom Convoy Protesters And Issue 'Financial Sanctions And Criminal Charges' - 2/21/2022

Iranian Regime Condemns Trudeau Government Following Violent Crackdown On Freedom Protesters - 2/21/2022

EXCLUSIVE: After 25 Deaths, $1-$2 Billion In Damages, And Over 2,000 Policemen And PoliceWomen Injured, US Companies Have Contributed Or Promised Nearly $1 Billion To BLM And/Or Social Justice Groups - 2/21/2022

EU Parliamentarian Representing Former Communist State Calls On International Community To Isolate Tyrannical Trudeau Regime - 2/21/2022

Canadian Trucker Beaten By Police During Freedom Convoy Says Cops 'Broke My Body A Little Bit, But Not My Spirit' - 2/22/2022

Candian Officials Launch Investigation After Chilling Messages From Ottawa Police Crackdown Surface - 2/22/2022

Freedom Convoy Angel Mom Blasts Trudeau For Killing Her Sons - 2/24/2022

White House Demonizes Trucker Convoy With Overzealous Security Response - 2/25/2022

Freedom Convoy Protester Denied Bail, You Won't Believe Why - 2/25/2022

Canadian Prime Minister Takes Historically Unprecedented Action To Oppress Canadian Citizens - 2/25/2022

The Foundation For A Social Credit System To Take Root In The USA Just Became A Reality - 2/27/2022

REVOLT!  Truckers Arrive In Washington D.C. On Saturday - 3/4/2022

COVID And Putin Are Not A Threat To Your Freedom; People Like Schwab, Gates & Trudeau Are - 3/4/2022

'So...He's Talking About Himself?':  Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says There Has Been 'Slippage' In Democracies And Nations Have Adopted 'Slightly More Authoritarian Leaders' - 3/6/2022

Freedom Convoy Organizer Tamara Lich Released From Custody After Court Overturns Bail Decision - 3/7/2022

Letts: I'm Not Joking - Here's What Happened When A GOP Senator Tried To Give Truckers A Tour Of The Capitol - 4/5/2022

"We The People Will Not Comply!" - Thousands Join "Defeat The Mandates" Rally Against Covid-19 Mandates In LA On Sunday - 4/10/2022