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January 6, 2021 Protest: FBI & DOJ Investigation

Examiner's Report Blows Huge Hole in Capitol Riots Narrative - 4/20/2021

Bannon Testimony Has DOJ Spooked, WIth Department Pushing To Silence Media Magnate - 11/29/2021

BOOM! FBI Whistleblower Reveals Secrets Related To Pipe Bombs Found In D.C. On January 5, 2021 - 3/16/2022

The DOJ Expands Jan 6 Investigation Into Those Individuals Who Planned The Trump Rally - Same DOJ Continues To Ignore Nefarious Characters Who Were Directing The Violence That Day - 3/31/2022

The January 6th Committee Kindly Asks You To Ignore The FBI - 6/8/2022

Dirty Chris Way Says FBI Is Still Investigating Fake Conspiracy Charges Related To January 6th - FBI Is Still Looking For 350 Americans To Arrest - 8/4/2022

Dirtbag Chris Wray Confirms That Same FBI Supervisor behind Failed Whitmer Entrapment Scheme Is Leading Jan. 6 Investigation In Washington DC - 8/4/2022

Ted Cruz Gets FBI Director To Make 'Astonishing' Admission About Agent Who Was In Charge During Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Investigation - 8/4/2022

FBI Caught In MAJOR LIE In Indictment Of Oath Keepers Attorney Kellye SoRelle - They Arrested Her One Week After She Secretly Agreed To Testify In Support Of Oath Keepers Leaders - 9/2/2022

Report: FBI SWAT Agent Turns Whistleblower After Realizing Manipulation Behind 'Bogus' Jan. 6 Raids - 9/22/2022

FBI Whistleblower Spoke Out After Bureau Brass Forced Agents To Raid Homes Of American Patriots For Crossing Invisible Boundary Outside US Capital - 9/22/2022

FBI Whistleblower Says Bureau Using Excessive Tactics To Ensure 'Process Is The Punishment' - 10/17/2022

'Capitol Punishment' Director Gets Chilling Visit From FBI After Making Jan. 6 Film - 10/21/2022