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January 6, 2021 Protest: Political Prisoners

No Treason Or Sedition Charges For January 6th Capitol Rioters, Report - 7/13/2021

Dershowitz Unloads Accusation On Capitol Police - He Claims Trump Supporters Are Being Overcharged - 9/15/2021

ALERT: Jan. 6th Political Prisoner Found Dead - 9/25/2021

Tucker Doc: Man Arrested After Sitting At Pelosi's Desk On Jan. 6 Claims Guards Tortured Prisoners - 11/8/2021

Jan. 6 Defendants Taken Out Of Cells On Stretchers: Court Filing - 11/13/2021

Qanon Shaman Receives His Sentence For His Role In The January 6 Capitol Riot - 11/19/2021

Antifa Terrorist With Bomb Arrested And Gets Bond...January 6 Prisoners Remain Imprisoned - Where Is The Media Coverage? - 1/14/2022

J-6 Political Prisoner Troy Smocks: Joe Biden's Democratic Regime Could Set America's Race Relations Back One Hundred Years - 2/21/2022

Another J6 Protester Is Dead - This Makes At Least 5 Trump Supporters Dead - Non-Violent Defendant Commits Suicide Before Sentencing - 2/27/2022

"THEY USED MY HUSBAND TO INTIMIDATE OTHER J6'ers TO TAKE A PLEA! DO NOT TAKE A PLEA!" Said Wife Of First Convicted J6er! - Attorney Did Not Even Tell Family A Verdict Was Reached (VIDEO) - 3/9/2022

DOJ Arrests Proud Boys Leader Not Present At Jan. 6th Riot - 3/9/2022

Former Virginia Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Jan. 6 Conspiracy Charge - 3/18/2022

Jan. 6 Suicide Victim Was Told 'He Would Not Receive A Fair Trial In This Town' - 3/20/2022

Jan 6 Defendant Who "Never Had A Parking Ticket" Committed Suicide While Awaiting Trial...Aunt Tells Tucker Carlson: "He Pleaded guilty Because Stress Had Worn Him Down" [VIDEO] - 4/1/2022

EXCLUSIVE Call With Jake Lang: Jan. 6 Protester And Vietnam Veteran Lonnie Coffman Sentenced To 46 Months In Federal Prison For Driving A Truck With A Gun In It - MEDIA LIES DEBUNKED - 4/1/2022

First Acquittal Given To Jan. 6 Defendant - 4/6/2022

"I'm Defending The Right To Express Your Views Under The First Amendment" - Alan Dershowitz Speaks Out In Defense Of J6er He Is Representing Who Was Waved In To US Capital {VIDEO} - 4/13/2022

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Trespassed At US Capitol, Was Arrested And Let Go - Now He Holds Hundreds Of Trump Supporters In Jail Without Trial For Very Same Crime (VIDEO) - 4/23/2022

Former Marine And Retired NYPD Officer Convicted Of Assaulting 'Rogue' Cop On Jan. 6 - Faces Up To 20 Years In Prison (VIDEO) - 5/2/2022

'What The Feds Are Doing To The January Sixers Is Just A Small Example Of What They Want To Do To All Of You Who Speak Out' - Jan 6 Protester Dominic Pezzola Sends Letter From Prison - 5/2/2022

UPDATE: Second 'Oathkeeper' Pleads Guilty While Pre-Trial Proceedings Continue This Afternoon - 5/6/2022

BIDEN REGIME J6 PRISONER Forced To Eat & Sleep For DAYS In Cell With Overflowing FILTHY TOILET Surrounded By "TONS OF HUMAN FECES"!  Readers - Please File A Complaint With WARDEN JONES & DOC Diretor Thomas Faust! INTO BELOW! - 5/12/2022

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Secret Video Recordings LEAKED From inside "The Hole" Of DC Gitmo - First Footage Ever Released Of Cockroach And Mold Infested Cell Of J6 olitical Prisoner - 5/25/2022

Please Help: Marine Corps Veteran Zach Rehl Did Not Commit Any Violence, Did Not Break Down Barriers, Has Been Detained For Over 14 Months And Never Has Held His Baby Daughter - PLEASE HELP ZACH - 6/1/2022

Proud Boys Leaders Hit With 'Seditious Conspiracy' Charge - 6/7/2022

TGP's Cara Castronuova Joins Greg Kelly To Discuss Highly Anticipated Documentary, "THE TRUTH ABOUT JANUARY 6th" Narrated By Political Prisoner Jake Lang (VIDEO) - 6/8/2022

"A Well-Orchestrated And Highly Produced Lie" - Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown Releases Moving Statement From His Prison Cell On Same Day Of Regime's Kangaroo Committee Nightly Broadcast - 6/9/2022

EXCLUSIVE: From His Prison Cell Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Tells REAL STORY Behind Meeting With Enrique Tarrio In DC Garage - JAN 6 COMMITTEE LIED (Audio) - 6/13/2022

J6 Political Prisoner JEFFREY SCOTT BROWN Is Being Tortured By Biden Regime For Standing Outside US Capitol On Jan. 6 - Jaile Since August! - Audio From Inside Prison!! - 6/27/2022

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Has VA Sespend All Benefits Of Jan. 6 Prisoner - 6/29/2022

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Indicted January 6th PROUD BOY That Released Zoom Call EXONERATING Them From SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY!!! TELL-ALL VIDEO!!! - 7/1/2022

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes AGREES To Testify Before Liz Cheney And Jan. 6 Committee Next Week - BUT ONLY IF IT IS AIRED LIVE - 7/8/2022