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Riots 2020

Revealed: It Was All A Lie! Trump Never Cleared Lafayette Park For Bible Photo-Op

MSM Caught In 'Big Lie' As Feds Reveal Reason For Clearing Lafayette Square

Trump Celebrates 'Total Exoneration' After IG Report Shows 'Bible Photo-Op' Story Was False

Democrat Nancy Pelosi Ignites Firestorm By Thanking George Floyd For 'Sacrificing' His Life, Calls Grow For Resignation

Pelosi Knelt For George Floyd In Congress But Refused To Read Names Of US Military Killed In Afghanistan

Woman Found Dead In Car In Minneapolis Following Night Of Kidnappings, Random Shooting - 5/30/2020

Woman Tries To Light Four Police Officers On Fire With A Molotov Cocktail - 5/31/2020

Minnesota Gov Blamed Right-Wing 'White Supremacists' For Violence - Now The Truth Comes Out - 5/31/2020

More Bricks Appear In Advance Of Monday Demonstrations In Baltimore, Texas - 6/1/2020

Minnesota, New York Officials Say Evidence Shows Weekend Riots Were Planned, Chicago Demands Fed Investigation Into 'Organized' Violence - 6/1/2020

Donald Trump Compares Violent Protests To Occupy Wall Street 'Disaster' - 6/1/2020

Police Chief Breaks Down After Describing How Richmond Leftist Rioters Torched home With Children Inside Then Blocked Fire Department (VIDEO) - 6/1/2020

Here's A List Of Media And Politicians Who Downplayed Violence And Looting - 6/3/2020

Missouri Attorney General Says Soros-Backed St. Louis Prosecutor Released All George Floyd Protesters From Jail - 6/3/2020

The Media Are Lying To You About Everything, Including The Riots - 6/3/2020

As Thousands of Rioters Go Free, 2 Black Pro-Life Activists Arrested Outside PP - 6/3/2020

Stats: Systemic Police Racism Is A Myth - 6/4/2020

Minneapolis Council President Confirms It: Police Will Be 'Dismantled' And Replaced With A 'Transformative New Model Of Public Safety' - 6/5/2020

That Thug Who Kicked Man In Head After He Was Already Knocked Out During Protest? Police Made An Arrest - And Suspect Is Only 14. - 6/5/2020

MSM Lies EXPOSED: 'There Is A Massive Cover-up Going On Right Now In This Country' - 6/8/2020

Chicago Sees Its Deadliest Day In 60 Years With 18 Murders In 24 Hours: Report - 6/8/2020

Deadly Unrest: Here Are The People who have died amid George Floyd protests across US - 6/8/2020

Donations, Including International Funding, to BlackLivesMatter.com Go Directly to ActBlue, Which Supports the DNC - 6/8/2020

There's More to the Story of the 'Elderly' Protester Knocked Down by Buffalo Police Than You're Being Told - 6/8/2020

MUST SEE! Media Is HIDING This: Look At Mass Destruction In Chicago, NYC, Minneapolis And St. Louis After Just One Week Of Leftist "Peaceful Protest" - (SHOCKING VIDEO) - 6/8/2020

Deadly Unrest: Here Are The People Who Have Died Amid George Floyd Protests Across US - 6/8/2020

Rioters Tear Down Christopher Columbus Statue In Minneapolis. An Immigrant Built It, Gave It As A Gift - 6/11/2020

A Tale of Two Responses - 6/11/2020

WATCH: Young Woman Reads 'Real Facts' On Police Killings At Black Lives Matter Protest - 6/11/2020

MEDIA HYPOCRISY At Its WORST: Covering The Coronavirus Lockdown Protests Vs. Race Riots - 6/12/2020

Ignorant Leftists Fuming at Racism Vandalize Statue of Abolitionist, Spray-Paint 'Murderer' And 'Colonizer' On Pedestal - 6/12/2020

Petition Launched to Change 'Racist' Name of Lynchburg, Birginia - Which Was Named After An Abolitionist - 6/12/2020

Ted Cruz Takes Ilhan Omar to School After She Picks Fight Over Columbus Statue - 6/12/2020

7-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral for Inspiring Moments of Prayer With Local Cops - 6/13/2020

ICYMI: 750 Police Officers Were Injured In Floyd Protests, MSM Complicit in 'Lies' Says Barr - 6/13/2020

Armed Patriots in Kentucky Declare 'This is Our Battle Line' as They Defend Confederate Statue From Mob - 6/13/2020

EXCLUSIVE: 'I've Been Scared Every Day': Seattle Resident Speaks Out About Life On The Border Of CHAZ - 6/13/2020

Rolling Stone Editor's Key Observation About the George Floyd Unrest Will Probably Infuriate the Left - 6/13/2020

The State Of Texas Delivers A 'Simple' Message To Rioters Thinking About Trashing The Alamo - 6/14/2020

UPDATE - FULL BODYCAM VIDEO Reveals Atlanta Police Being Patient, Respectful with Rayshard Brooks (VIDEO) - 6/14/2020

'The Majority Of Them Don't Even Know Why They're There': Walkaway Founder Crashes A BLM Protest - 6/14/2020

OAN's Jack Posobiec, BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer Spend Three Days in The CHAZ, Expose Ongoing Lies - 6/15/2020

Thomas Jefferson Statue Torn Down At Portland High School - 6/15/2020

The Monument-Destroying Mobs Don't Hate The Confederacy, They Hate America - 6/15/2020

Nolte: Overwhelming Evidence Exposes Democrat Party's Ongoing Systemic Racism - 6/15/2020

Minnesota Freedom Fund Reveals Only $200,000 Of Millions in Donations Has Been Spent to Bail Out Protesters - 6/16/2020

Democrat Boston Mayor Supports Removal of Abraham Lincoln Statue - The Man Who Ended Slavery in the United States - 6/16/2020

Revealed: Rayshard Brooks Struggled with Police, Stole Their Taser, Shot It At Police, Likely Because He Was On Probation ad Didn't Want to Go to Prison - 6/17/2020

How Cultural Revolutions Die - Or Not - 6/18/2020

DA Said Taser Was 'Deadly Weapon' Just Days Ago, Now Says Firing Taser At Cops 'Not A Threat' - 6/18/2020

UN Deletes Pro-Antifa Tweet After Major Backlash Worldwide - 6/20/2020

Viral Christian Evangelists Share About Preaching in Seattle: 'CHAZ Was Fertile; People Were Receptive' - 6/20/2020

Black Lives Matter Leader: 'If This Country Doesn't Give Us What We Want, Then We Will Burn Down This System' (VIDEO) - 6/24/2020

The Arrest That Led to the Riot in Madison, Wisconsin Last Night - 6/24/2020

MORE RIOT CONNECTIONS: BLM Co-Founder Opal Tometi Connected to Communist Venezuelan Presdient Maduro - 6/25/2020

AG Barr: 500 Investigations Underway Into Riots. Antifa Involved, They Want To 'Tear Down' The U.S. - 6/25/2020

WATCH: Black Americans Turn Out To Defend Lincoln Emancipation Memorial From Radical Activists - 6/27/2020

WATCH: White Protester Tries To Lecture White Police Officer About Racism. Black Police Officers Shut Her Down. 6/27/2020

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Rioters Unleash Terror Rampage on Catholic Prayer Group In St. Louis - 6/28/2020

Mainstream Media Outlets NBC, ABC, Leave Out Details In Coverage Of Armed St. Louis Couple Who Confronted Protesters - 6/30/2020

READ IT: Atlanta Detective Sides With Officer In Defense Filing For Rayshard Brooks Case, Says Brooks Would've Been Charged On 10 Counts - 6/30/2020

'You're Next': Armed St. Louis Couple Says They Got Death Threats From BLM Trespassers - 6/30/2020

MUST READ: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on the Death of Geroge Floyd - 7/11/2020

VIDEO: YouTube Star Goes Undercover at Protest and Exposes the Violent Troublemakers - 7/18/2020

National Police Association Slams Nancy Pelosi's Jan. 6 Show Trial, Says George Floyd Riots Far Worse - 7/30/2021

Black Lives Matter Linked To 91% Of Riots Over Three Months, Study Finds - 9/17/2020

Photojournalist Went Undercover to Expose White Supremacists at Riots, but Found Black Bloc Anarchists Instead - 10/3/2020

BREAKING: Judge Dismisses 3rd-Degree Murder Charge Against Derek Chauvin In Connection With George Floyd Death, Refuses To Dismiss Other Charges - 10/22/2020

Black Community Outraged After California Cop Shoots and Kills A Black Man, But Cellphone Video Shows He Was Pulling A Gun - 10/23/2020

Dershowitz: Chauvin Conviction 'Should Be Reversed On Appeal,' Maxine Waters Used KKK 'Playbook' To Intimidate Jury - 4/21/2021

Daunte Wright Pulled Over For Open Warrant Related To Armed Robbery, Choking A Woman - 4/14/2021

Breaking: New Video Exposes MSM Lies About Cop Shooting Girl w/Knife: Shows "Loving" Ma'Khia Bryant Screaming: "I'm Gonna Stab the F--k Out Of You, Bitch!" As She Lunged At 2 Unarmed Girls - 4/23/2021

Rioters Commemorate the Anniversary Of George Floyd's Death by Setting Fires, Smashing Windows, Attacking Police - 5/26/2021

Baltimore Businesses Send Letter To City, Threaten To Withhold Taxes Until Police Presence Increases - 6/10/2021

MUST SEE Side-By-Side Media Coverage Of BLM Protests Vs. Capitol Riot - 7/28/2021

Why Are There Bricks Being Strategically Dropped Off All Over Kenosha? The Rittenhouse Verdict Maybe?!?! - 11/18/2021

New York Times Shelved Article Detailing Pain And Suffering Of Kenosha Riots Until After 2020 Election, says Former Reporter - 11/19/2021

BREAKING: Feds Finally Admit To Running Secretive DOJ "Commandos" At Jan. 6 Protests - 1/5/2022

Seattle Police Officers Falsified Reports About Proud Boys Moving Toward 'CHOP:' Watchdog - 1/6/2022

Jan. 6 Narrative Depends On Who Tells The Story - 1/6/2022

FBI Official Repeatedly Refuses To Say If FBI Agents/Informants Encouraged Violent, Criminal Behavior On January 6 - 1/11/2022

FBI Director Christopher Wray Lied About What He Knew About Left-Wing Counter-Protest Groups On January 6 - 1/14/2022

Jan. 6 Defendant Says FBI Tried To Recruit Him To Spy On Oath Keepers - 1/14/2022

Ashli Babbitt Punched Rioter Seconds Before She Was Shot, New Video Shows - 1/25/2022

Rubio Sounds The Alarm On Jan 6 Committee: Progressive Attack Dogs On The Ropes - 1/26/2022

Massive Cover-Up - Capitol Police's Brutal Beating That May Have Killed Trump Supporter - 2/15/2022

HEY LIZ: Can Jan 6 'Investigators' Explain What's Happening In THIS Video? - 2/17/2022

19 Texas Police Officers Who Helped Hold The Line During Violent 2020 Riots Indicted By Progressive DA - 2/20/2022

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Said 'My D**k Is Bigger Than Yours...I Have The Biggest D**k In Chicago' Amid Tirade Over Columbus Statue, Lawsuit Alleges - 3/4/2022

Senate Republicans Demand DOJ Answers On Investigation Of Acclaimed U.S. Marshals - 4/26/2022

Joe Biden Says The 'Protests' In The Summer Of 2020 'Unified' People Of Every Generation (VIDEO) - 5/26/2022