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Electric Vehicles

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Journalist Attempts Road Trip In Electric Car, Ends Up Spending More Time Charging Than Sleeping.  'Fumes Never Smelled So Sweet,' She Says Upon Returning To Gas Fuel. - 6/7/2022

GM Official Bragged About Electric Car, Then Reporter Forced Her To Admit Where Charging Electricity Comes From - 6/8/2022

Pete Buttigieg Brags About $48K EV To People Who Can't Afford Gas, Looks Even Dumber When Ford Recalls EV - 6/16/2022

Joe Biden Says It Again! Cheers Crippling Inflation As A Good Think - It Will Usher In "Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles" (VIDEO) - 6/21/2022

Biden Economic Adviser Demands Oil Companies Show Patriotism By Cutting Prices - Ties It To Biden And Ukraine - Huh? - 6/22/2022

Biden Celebrates His Green Policies That Will "Take Millions Of Cars Off The Road" (VIDEO) - 6/22/2022

Toyota Forced To Recall Its First Mass-Produced Electric Vehicles Due To Dangerous Safety Issue - 6/26/2022

Couple Towed Trailer Behind $80,000 Electric Truck, Had To Stop Every 100 Miles On 2,700-Mile Trip - 7/8/2022

New Study Shows Electric Cars Have Much Lower Quality Than Gas-Powered Vehicles - 7/14/2022

Report: Apple's Self-Driving Electric Car Fails, Almost Hit Jogger, 'Smacked Into Curbs, Veered Out Of Lanes' - 7/14/2022

WATCH: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Brags That High Gas Prices Are Pushing Americans To Electric Vehicles - 7/16/2022

Ford To Ax Up To 8,000 American Jobs In Order To Fund Electric Vehicle Production - Report - 7/23/2022

Watch: Electric Bus Fails To Climb Steep Hill, Passengers Forced To Jump Ship As It Begins Reversing - 8/1/2022

Hidden On Page 653 Of $433B Climate Bill, Dems Throw Loads Of Money toward Electrice School Buses - 8/1/2022

Journalists Hook RV Up To $93K Electric Truck, Found It Wouldn't Even Make 100 Miles Before Needing A Recharge - 8/2/2022

Electric Jaguar I-Pace Catches Fire While Charging, Reduced To Ashes In Middle Of Road - 8/2/2022

Experts Warn EV Owners May See Soaring Costs After Mechanics Realize They're Losing Money - 8/4/2022

Tesla Battery Catches Fire Inside Dealership, It's So Hazardous A Hazmat Team Has To Show Up - 8/4/2022

Battery Fires Plague Electric Car Factory, Several Workers Need Medical Treatment - 8/5/2022

Transportation Experts Are Concerned About The Electricity Demands Of Electric Vehicles During Large Natural Disaster Evacuations - 8/10/2022

Biden Inflation Act Promises Tax Credit Worth up To $7,500 For New Electric Vehicle Buyers - Ford Increases Price Of Electric Vehicles By Up To $8,500 - 8/16/2022

Energy Secretary Says Billions In Upgrades To Power Grid Needed For Widespread EV Adoption - 8/18/2022

Study: 20% Of Electric Vehicle Owners Couldn't Charge Their EVs At Public Charging Stations - 8/20/2022

California Bans The Sale Of New Gas-Powered Cars By 2035 - 8/25/2022

Florida Man Goes Viral Over Car Dealership Quote Showing Absurd Cost To Replace Electric Vehicle Battery - 8/30/2022

CRAZY: California's Outlawing Of Gas-Powered Vehicles Will Apply To Virginia, Too - 8/30/2022

California Urges Avoiding Charging Electric Cars To Ward Off Blackouts IN Heatwave Because State Loses Solar Power When The Sun Goes Down - 8/31/2022

California Extends Flex Alert Amid Sweltering Heatwave, Urges People Not To Charge Electric Vehicles During Peak Hours To Avoid Power Outages - 9/2/2022

Glenn Beck Explains Why California's Brilliant Plan For An EV Future Is Melting Down - 9/16/2022

New York To Ban Sale Of All Gas-Powered New Cars By 2035 To Benefit 'Disadvantaged Communities,' Follows California's Lead To Convert To Electric Vehicles - 10/1/2022

EVs Were More Popular Than Gas Cars A Century Ago, But They Couldn't Avoid This Big Problem - 12/11/2022

Pete Buttigieg Wants You To Buy An Expensive EV. But He Uses Taxpayer Money For Private Jet Travel. - 12/13/2022

Copper Thieves Have New Target: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - 1/16/2023

Electric Cars Getting Banned? - 1/24/2023

Massive American Automaker Reveals $854 Million Investment Into V8 Engines Amid Shift To EVs - 1/26/2023

Biden Admin Blocks Major Mining Project Days After Signing Deal With Child Labor Hotbeds For Rare Metals - 1/28/2023

Horowitz? Study Shows Electric Vehicles Are A Scam Propped Up By Government - 2/2/2023

5 Reasons Biden's Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle - 2/8/2023

Power Your Home With An Electric Vehicle, Washington Post Advises - 2/9/2023

Could Your Car Be TURNED OFF To Fight Climate Change? - 3/7/2023

Michigan Locals Say 'No' To Ford's EV Battery Plant WIth Chinese Partner - 3/9/2023

DAVID BLACKMON: There's A Massive Obstacle Standing Between Global Elites And Their Green Energy Utopia - 4/18/2023

The Biden EPA Is Massively Overestimating 'Real World' Range Of EVs, New Report Says - 4/21/2023

CCP-Tied Battery Plant Pushed By Democrats To Be Built Next To 3rd Largest Watershed In MI... Will Reportedly Consume Twice The Amount Of Water Per Day As Major Water Bottling Plant [VIDEO] - 4/29/2023

Ford Is Losing Roughly $60,000 For Every Electric Vehicle Sold - 5/3/2023

Biden Regime Endangers Animals And Harms National Security After Approving Taxpayer-Funded EV Battery Factory In Michigan Backed By Communist China - 6/15/2023

EV Range Dips Nearly 25 Percent While Carrying Load: AAA - 6/15/2023

Poll: Most Americans Oppose Biden's Electric Vehicle Mandate - 6/27/2023

Georgia Governor Fires At Biden Over Electric Vehicle Policy While Welcoming New Battery Plant - 6/27/2023

Ford Confirms Latest Round Of Layoffs Amid EV Push - 6/27/2023

Electric Cars Are An Expensive Scam - 6/29/2023

THE BIDEN EFFECT: Ford To Lose $4.5 Billion On Electric Vehicles This Year - 8/1/2023

Electric Vehicle Firm Championed By Biden Files For Bankruptcy In Black Eye For Green Agenda - 8/8/2023

Luxury Electric Vehicle Startup Loses Over $500,000 On Every Vehicle It Sells - 8/9/2023

Ford CEO Admits 'Reality Check' When He Took Electric F-150 Truck On Road Trip - 8/18/2023

Driverless Shuttle Bus In Florida Crashes Just 2 Days After Launch - 8/25/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Parent Behind Company Building Michigan Battery Plants Employs 923 CCP Members - 8/31/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Employees At Chinese Firm Behind US Battery Plant Builder Wearing Red Army Outfits, Pledging Life To CCP - 8/31/2023

Energy Secretary Learns Hard Lesson About Electric Vehicles On Road Trip After Police Were Called On Her Staff - 9/11/2023

CCP-Linked Company Is Poised To Receive Over $1 Billion In Taxpayer Money And Benefits - 9/11/2023

EXCLUSIVE: CCP Officials Set Up Talent Recruitment Program At US Firm Behind Taxpayer-Backed EV Battery Plants - 9/12/2023

MUST LISTEN: Driver Dials 911 After Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm Bogarts EV Charging Station - 9/12/2023

Pete Buttigieg Admits He's Had Issues Using EVs, Announces $100 Million Effort To Fix Broken Charges - 9/14/2023

CCP-Linked Company Building Battery 'Gigafactory' Near Key Military Sites In Illinois - 9/14/2023

'Electric Cars Are Losing Us Money': UAW Member Slams Biden's Push For EVs - 9/15/2023

Dem Senate Candidate Who Signed NDA Covering CCP-Linked EV Battery Maker Votes Down Bill To Block Gas Car Bans - 9/15/2023

Former Ambassadors Call On Treasury Dept To Place CCP-Linked Battery Firm Under 'Review' After DCNF Investigations - 9/15/2023