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Electric Vehicles

Journalist Attempts Road Trip In Electric Car, Ends Up Spending More Time Charging Than Sleeping.  'Fumes Never Smelled So Sweet,' She Says Upon Returning To Gas Fuel. - 6/7/2022

GM Official Bragged About Electric Car, Then Reporter Forced Her To Admit Where Charging Electricity Comes From - 6/8/2022

Pete Buttigieg Brags About $48K EV To People Who Can't Afford Gas, Looks Even Dumber When Ford Recalls EV - 6/16/2022

Joe Biden Says It Again! Cheers Crippling Inflation As A Good Think - It Will Usher In "Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles" (VIDEO) - 6/21/2022

Biden Economic Adviser Demands Oil Companies Show Patriotism By Cutting Prices - Ties It To Biden And Ukraine - Huh? - 6/22/2022

Biden Celebrates His Green Policies That Will "Take Millions Of Cars Off The Road" (VIDEO) - 6/22/2022

Toyota Forced To Recall Its First Mass-Produced Electric Vehicles Due To Dangerous Safety Issue - 6/26/2022

Couple Towed Trailer Behind $80,000 Electric Truck, Had To Stop Every 100 Miles On 2,700-Mile Trip - 7/8/2022

New Study Shows Electric Cars Have Much Lower Quality Than Gas-Powered Vehicles - 7/14/2022

Report: Apple's Self-Driving Electric Car Fails, Almost Hit Jogger, 'Smacked Into Curbs, Veered Out Of Lanes' - 7/14/2022

WATCH: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg Brags That High Gas Prices Are Pushing Americans To Electric Vehicles - 7/16/2022

Ford To Ax Up To 8,000 American Jobs In Order To Fund Electric Vehicle Production - Report - 7/23/2022

Watch: Electric Bus Fails To Climb Steep Hill, Passengers Forced To Jump Ship As It Begins Reversing - 8/1/2022

Hidden On Page 653 Of $433B Climate Bill, Dems Throw Loads Of Money toward Electrice School Buses - 8/1/2022

Journalists Hook RV Up To $93K Electric Truck, Found It Wouldn't Even Make 100 Miles Before Needing A Recharge - 8/2/2022

Electric Jaguar I-Pace Catches Fire While Charging, Reduced To Ashes In Middle Of Road - 8/2/2022

Experts Warn EV Owners May See Soaring Costs After Mechanics Realize They're Losing Money - 8/4/2022

Tesla Battery Catches Fire Inside Dealership, It's So Hazardous A Hazmat Team Has To Show Up - 8/4/2022

Battery Fires Plague Electric Car Factory, Several Workers Need Medical Treatment - 8/5/2022

Transportation Experts Are Concerned About The Electricity Demands Of Electric Vehicles During Large Natural Disaster Evacuations - 8/10/2022

Biden Inflation Act Promises Tax Credit Worth up To $7,500 For New Electric Vehicle Buyers - Ford Increases Price Of Electric Vehicles By Up To $8,500 - 8/16/2022

Energy Secretary Says Billions In Upgrades To Power Grid Needed For Widespread EV Adoption - 8/18/2022

Study: 20% Of Electric Vehicle Owners Couldn't Charge Their EVs At Public Charging Stations - 8/20/2022

California Bans The Sale Of New Gas-Powered Cars By 2035 - 8/25/2022

Florida Man Goes Viral Over Car Dealership Quote Showing Absurd Cost To Replace Electric Vehicle Battery - 8/30/2022

CRAZY: California's Outlawing Of Gas-Powered Vehicles Will Apply To Virginia, Too - 8/30/2022

California Urges Avoiding Charging Electric Cars To Ward Off Blackouts IN Heatwave Because State Loses Solar Power When The Sun Goes Down - 8/31/2022

California Extends Flex Alert Amid Sweltering Heatwave, Urges People Not To Charge Electric Vehicles During Peak Hours To Avoid Power Outages - 9/2/2022

Glenn Beck Explains Why California's Brilliant Plan For An EV Future Is Melting Down - 9/16/2022

New York To Ban Sale Of All Gas-Powered New Cars By 2035 To Benefit 'Disadvantaged Communities,' Follows California's Lead To Convert To Electric Vehicles - 10/1/2022

EVs Were More Popular Than Gas Cars A Century Ago, But They Couldn't Avoid This Big Problem - 12/11/2022

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Massive American Automaker Reveals $854 Million Investment Into V8 Engines Amid Shift To EVs - 1/26/2023

Biden Admin Blocks Major Mining Project Days After Signing Deal With Child Labor Hotbeds For Rare Metals - 1/28/2023

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