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Border Wall & Illegal Immigrants: Biden

Biden Admin Considers Restarting Border Wall Construction To 'Plug Gaps' Amid Biden's Border Crisis: Report - 4/6/2021

Biden's 'Border Czar' Stepping Down A Biden's Border Crisis Drastically Worsens: Report - 4/10/2021

Biden Administration Physically Restricts 12 COP Lawmakers From Access To Border Facility - 5/26/201

Watch: Border Patrol Dropping Off Illegals At Bus Station, Sending Them Out Of Town - 7/25/2021

DeSantis On Biden Flying Illegal Aliens Into Florida: 'I Will Send Them To Delaware' On Buses - 11/11/2021

Border Patrol Rep Reveals Biden Has Been Hiding Something About The Illegals - 11/12/2021

Whistleblower Reports Secret Mission Sneaking Illegals Around The US - 11/18/2021

5th Circuit Sharply Rebukes Biden Administration For Illegally Ending 'Remain In Mexico' Policy - 12/14/2021

Biden Accused Of Withholding Critical Report - For First Time In 10 Years, Presdient Fails To Provide ICE Data - 1/6/2022

Biden Admin To Dump Up To 1,000 Afghan Refugees Next To Loudoun High School - 2/18/2022

Biden's Border Recipe: Let Illegals Flood The Country And Drastically Reduce Deportations - 3/12/2022

Report: Biden Administration Considering Pulling Health Care From Veterans To Treat Illegal Aliens - 3/31/2022

Biden Admin In Talks To Provide Smartphone App To Illegal Migrants To Pre-Register Before Entering The US Illegally (VIDEO) - 3/31/2022

Biden Admin Handing Out Smartphones To Illegal Immigrants Entering The Country - 4/8/2022

Congresswoman Alleges Government Is Sending 'Pallets Of Baby Formula To The Border' As Parents Scour Empty Shelves - 5/12/2022

Illegal Immigrants Getting 'Pallets' Of Baby Formula At Detention Center While Shelves Are Nearly Empty In American Stores, US Congresswoman Declares - 5/12/2022

GOP Representatives Want To Know Why Biden's DOJ Is Firing Trump Immigration Judges - 7/6/2022

The Biden Administration Hid A $177 Million No-Bid Contract to House Immigrants Violating Federal Regulation To Downplay Border Crisis - 7/9/2022

Biden's America: ICE Will Transport Illegal Immigrants, Detainees Across State Lines To Get Abortions, According to Report - 7/14/2022

Exclusive: Joe Biden Is Filling Up Maine Hotels To House His Illegal Migrants - Illegals Get Better Government Freebies Than Low Income US Workers - 7/22/2022

GOP Lawmakers Seek Answers On Joe Biden's Program To Hand Out ID Cards To Millions Of Illegal Aliens - 8/1/2022

Department Of Homeland Security To End 'Remain In Mexico' Policy - 8/9/2022

WATCH: Texas National Guard Finally Shuts FLOODGATE For Illegal Migrants - Then Biden's Border Patrol Shows Up - 8/19/2022

White House Claimed People Aren't Illegally 'Walking' Across Border, Footage Shows The Opposite - 8/30/2022

Border Patrol Agents Blow The Whistle On WH Press Secretary's Claim: 'Either She Is Extremely Dumb Or She Is Flat-Out Lying' - 9/3/2022

Biden Pressures Mexico To Take Migrants As GOP Governors Send Illegal Immigrants To Democrats Areas - 9/15/2022

The Man Who Would Be King: Biden Says Republican Governors 'Should Not Interfere' With His Immigration Policies - 9/17/2022

Top ICE Official Admits Biden Administration Detaining, Removing Fewer Illegal Immigrants - 9/22/2022

Biden Admin Gives $41 Million In Contracts to Soros-Linked Group To Help Illegal Aliens Fight Deportations - 9/29/2022

Empowering Mexican Cartels With Biden's Open Border Is Even Worse Than You Think - 10/14/2022

Biden Admin Handling Out Smartphones Like Candy To Illegal Immigrants, Costing Taxpayers Millions - 10/14/2022

Nobody Is Talking About The Border Murders Biden In Paying For - Here's The Evidence - 11/9/2022

Arizona Rejects Biden Administration's Demand To Remove Shipping Container Border Barrier - 10/20/2022

'Give Me A F***ing Break': Border Agents Rip Biden For Saying 'There Are More Important Things' Than Visiting Border - 12/6/2022

Democrat Rep. Dingell Says Joe Biden Doesn't Need To Go To The Border Because "He's Seen The Photos" (VIDEO) - 12/7/2022

Dem Rep Says Biden Admin Is 'Tying' Up Homeland Security, Only Listening To 'Immigration Activists' - 12/7/2022

Border Patrol Agents Eviscerated Biden For Border Comment - This May Be Their Most Brutal Statement Yet - 12/9/2022

Texas Judge Deals Stinging Defeat To Biden: Trump's 'Remain In Mexico' Program Must Stay - 12/16/2022

El Paso's Democratic Mayor Defies Biden, Declares Emergency Over Border Crisis And Influx Of Migrants - 12/19/2022

Democracy Dies In Darkness: Biden Regime Forbids US Border Patrol Officials From Releasing Total Daily Illegal Alien Apprehensions On Social Media - 12/21/2022

White House Enraged, Not By 2.37 Million Illegal Aliens Who Stole Into US In 2022, But By The 130 Illegal Aliens Texas Just Bused To Kamala Harris' House - 12/27/2022

Breaking: Federal Judge Stands Up To Joe Biden, Blocks Biden From Imposing Restrictions To ICE 'A Great Victory For The Rule Of Law' - 12/31/2023

Biden Blames Republicans, Defends Illegal Immigrants In Speech Announcing Border Restrictions - 1/5/2023

Joe Biden To Grant Mass Amnesty And Work Permits to 30,000 New Illegal Immigrants A Month - Stephen Miller Demands House GOP Open Its Impeachment Inquiry - 1/5/2023

'Told Us To Come': Ahead of President's Visit, Illegal Immigrants Say THey Crossed The Border Because Of Biden - 1/7/2023

Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador Thanks Joe Biden For Not Building "Even One Meter" Of Border Wall (VIDEO) - 1/10/2023

Karine Jean-Pierre Says It Was A Coincidence There Were No Illegal Aliens Around During Joe Biden's Visit To El Paso (VIDEO) - 1/11/2023

'Open Our Borders': Biden Admin Expands Ways For Migrants To Shirk Trump-Era Border Policy - 1/12/2023

'Biden Told Them To Come': Arizona Border City On Brink Of Collapse From Illegal Immigration, Officials Say - 1/24/2023

Illegal Immigrants Believe The Border Is 'Open' Under Biden, Official Tells Congress - 2/7/2023

Biden's DHS Removes Bulk Of 'Eyes In The Sky' From Surveillance Tools Used Along Southern Border - 2/11/2023

The Biden Admin Is Making It Easier For Illegal Immigrants To Roam The US Without Tracking Them - 2/13/2023

Officials Say Biden Manipulating Border Stats, Blinding Agents To Fleeing Aliens - 2/14/2023

Blockbuster Report: Biden's Open Borders For Child Migrants Horror: Dozens Of Kids Killed; Legs Torn Off In Factories, Spines Shattered On Construction Sites, Thousands Lost By HHS - 2/25/2023

Arizona Sheriff Reveals What Illegals Say To Officials After Crossing US Border - Bad News For Biden - 3/5/2023

Federal Judge Rules Biden's Border Policies Illegal, Like A Flashing 'Come In, We're Open' Sign - 3/8/2023

Illegal, Glitchy App Is Biden's Latest Attack On Border Security - 3/9/2023

'On Second Thought, I Guess Trump Was Right And I Was Wrong' About Rampant Abuse Of The Asylum System - 3/10/2023

Senators Furious After Learning Biden Admin Is Paying A Massive Daily Fee To NOT Build Border Wall - 3/16/2023