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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Academic Activists

Alan Dershowitz SLAMS Obama, Harvard For Reaction To Hamas, Iran War On Israel - 10/9/2023

'Elite' College Students Blame Israel For Hamas Terror Attack - 10/9/2023

Harvard Responds On Terror Attack In Israel After Students Publicly Support Terrorists - 10/9/2023

Alan Dershowitz Slams Harvard For Staying Silent On Student Groups Expressing Support For Terrorists - 10/10/2023

Campus Anti-Semites Plot 'Day Of Resistance' In Support Of Hamas - 10/10/2023

Google Nukes 'College Terror List' Naming Students Who Support Hamas - 10/11/2023

'Nonbinary' NYU Bar Association President Loses Big-Time Job After Siding With Hamas; Harvard Students Reportedly Get Blacklisted - 10/11/2023

Student Groups At Harvard Starting To Think Maybe It Was A Bad Idea To Sign Letter Blaming Israel For Hamas Attack - 10/11/2023

University Of Wisconsin Students Cheer Hamas Killers - Chant "Glory To The Martyre!" At Pro-Palestinian Student Protest After Hamas Terrorists Slaughter Over 1,000 Jews - 10/11/2023

This Is The First Time In A Decade Leftists Are Being Held Accountable For Their Actions - 10/12/2023

Muslim Org That Advised White House Gives Students, K-12 Parents Script To Denounce 'One-Sided' Support Of Israel - 10/12/2023

Students Rush To Disavow, Hide Connections To Hamas Statements To Protect Careers - 10/12/2023

'There Is Such A Think As Evil:' 100+ Harvard Professors Condemn 30+ Pro-Terror Student Groups - 10/12/2023

DAVID MARCUS: Vile Ivy League Students And Far-Left Politicians Call Conservatives Nazis - But Don't Condemn Hamas, Killers Of Jews. How Sickeningly Low Can They Go? - 10/12/2023

Stanford Instructor Removed For Targeting Jewish Students As 'Colonizers' After Hamas Attack On Israel - 10/12/2023

Truck Displaying Names, Faces Of 'Harvard's Leading Antisemites' Drives Around Ivy League Campus After Student Groups Blame Israel For Hamas Attack - 10/13/2023

'From The River To The Sea': College Students Hold Pro-Palestinian Rallies After Hamas Terrorist Attacks - 10/13/2023

Harvard Students Should Know Freedom Of Speech Is Not Freedom From Consequences - 10/13/2023

No One Should Be Surprised By The Depraved Radicalism On College Campuses - 10/13/2023

UPenn Donor Calls For Boycott, President's Resignation Over Israel, 'Preferred Speech' - 10/13/2023

NYC Department Of Education Gives Schools Long List Of Websites To Address Mideast War. Many Of Them Hold A Strong, Anti-Israel Bias - 10/14/2023

NYC Public School Teacher Shares Image Of Hamas Paraglider, Describes Terror Attack On Israeli Civilians As A 'Successful Military Coampaign' - 10/15/2023

Elite Law Schools Encourage Students To Work For Israeli-Designated Terror Organizations - 10/15/2023

Horowitz: How We Turned Our Universities Into Hamas Cheerleaders - 10/16/2023

Jewish Student's Dorm Room Door Set On Fire At Drexel University - 10/16/2023

Hate Crime: 19-Year-Old Suspect Tore Down Pro-Israel Posters At Columbia University, Clobbered Israeli Student With Stick, Prosecutors Say - 10/17/2023

Cornell Professor Admits Hamas Terrorist Attack On Israel Left Him 'Exhilerated': 'It Was Energizing' - 10/17/2023

Harvard Gets More Bad News As Another Billionaire Cuts Ties Over Pro-Hamas Remarks - 10/17/2023

Democrat Fairfax County School Board Member Objects To Moment Of Silence For Israeli Victims - 10/18/2023

Champagne Marxists At Elitist Universities Deny Antisemitism When Dollars Are On The Line - 10/18/2023

Berkeley Law Professor Pleads With Law Firms Not To Hire His 'Anti-Semitic' Students - 10/18/2023

Law Firm Committed 'Violence' When It Withdrew Job Offer From Pro-Hamas NYU Law Student, Letter From Fellow Students Reportedly Says - 10/18/2023

Professor Calls Israelis 'Pigs,' 'Savages,' 'Excrement,' Says 'May They All Rot In Hell' - Then Performs Curious About-Face In Next-Day Apology - 10/18/2023