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Israel - Hamas War 2023: Iran & Other Funding

'Funding Both Sides Of The War': Ted Cruz Rips Biden, Says $6 Billion Will Help Iran Build Drones - 9/18/2023

Freed US Prisoners On Flight Home After Swap With Iran As Tehran's Assets Unfrozen, Officials Say - 9/18/2023

Trump's Prediction About Biden Handing Iran $6B Goes Viral After Hamas Attack - 10/7/2023

CHRISTIAN WHITON: Biden Funded Hamas And Its Iranian Masters - 10/7/2023

Hamas Confirms It Received Suport From Iran For Terror Attacks On Israel - 10/8/2023

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Biden's New Military Chief Warns Iran Over Israel-Hamas Conflict - 10/9/2023

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EU Freezes Millions Of Dollars of Funds To Palestinian Authorities After 'Terror' And 'Brutality' Enacted By Hamas - 10/9/2023

If Democrats Don't Want Blame For Appeasing Iran And Hamas, They Should Stop Doing It - 10/9/2023

Pressure Builds On Biden To Freeze $6 Billion In Iranian Cash As Democrat Senators Join Push - 10/10/2023

'Only Emboldened Terrorists:' Repubican Senators Demand Biden Admin Freeze $6 Billion Transfer To Iran - 10/10/2023

'That Is Not The Argument!': Reporter Clashes With State Dept. Spokesman About Iran Using Unfrozen Funds To Back Hamas - 10/10/2023

'That's Not True': John Kirby, Bret Baier Spar Over $6 Billion Iran Deal's Involvement In Hamas Attack - 10/10/2023

Hamas Atrocities Expose Peril Of Liberals' Long Embrace Of Palestinians And Iran - 10/10/2023

The U.S. Money Trail With Iran Is Worse Than You Think - 10/11/2023

Top GOP Senators To Introduce Bill To Immediately Refreeze Biden Admin's $6 Billion Transfer To Iran - 10/11/2023

Vulnerable Dems Join GOP Colleagues' Call For Biden To Re-Freeze $6Billion To Iran - 10/11/2023

'The US Conducts Prisoner Swaps': Hamas Official Cites Biden's Iran Deal As Rationale For Taking Hostages - 10/11/2023

US Blocks Iran From Accessing $6 Billion Before Israel War - 10/12/2023

EXPOSED: Biden Let Iran Access MUCH MORE Than $6 Billion Before Israel War - 10/12/2023

The US Has Poured Hundreds Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Into Gaza Since Hamas Took Over - 10/12/2023

Israel War: Iran Seeks To Rally 'All Arab And Islamic Countries' To Back Palestinian Terrorists - 10/12/2023

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Here's How China Is Helping Iran Bankroll Hamas, Other Terror Orgs - 10/14/2023

Biden Admin Sent $75 Million To Palestine As Intel Agencies Were Buzzing About Gaza Strip - 10/15/2023