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Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage

Did Jesus Say Anything About Homosexuality?

Christ DID Speak Out Against Homosexuality

Gay Marriage vs. Tax Exempt Churches

Obama Administration Admits Tax Exempt Status Of Churches At Stake In Supremes’ Gay Marriage Case

The Biblical Roots Of Traditional Marriage Argue That The Supreme Court Should Affirm It As The Law Of The Land

Schlafly: Gay Marriage Goal Is ‘To Wipe Out The Christian Religion’

Liberals Admit Homosexuals Aren't “Born That Way”

Martin Luther King Would Have Opposed ‘Gay Marriage’

Marriage By God's Standard

Study: Same-Sex Parenting Hurts Kids More Than We Think

American College of Pediatrics Reaches Decision: Transgenderism of Children is Child Abuse

Pres. Of American College Of Pediatricians Sure To Offend Libs With Trans-Gender Announcement

Pediatrician Drops A Bomb On Idea That Transgenderism Is Real - Completely Destroys It with Truth

John Hopkins Psychiatrist Reveals Truth Of What Really Happens To Transgender Men

Liberals Furious! Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A 'Mental Disorder'

The Testosterone-Fueled He-Men of Women's Sports: It's Not Just The Hormones

Former Olympic Medalist Says Biological Men Shouldn't Compete In Women's Sports - And Gets Blasted As 'Transphobic'

College Indoctrination Isn't A Myth; Study Finds 39 Percent Of Colleges Have ZERO Republicans

1st Legal Non-Binary Person Devastates Trans Community: It Was All A Fraud, Sham & Mental Illness

WATCH: Teen Girl Suspended For Posting Bible Verses In Response To Pride Flags Explains Herself In Viral Video

Christian Adoption Agencies In Michigan Will Lose State Funding If They Turn Away Same-Sex Couples

Parents Refuse To Facilitate 'Sex Change' Of Autistic Son, So Authorities Threaten To Put Him In Foster Care

233 Out Of 234 House Dems Just Agreed To Let Biological Men Take Over Women's Athletics

House Dems Introduce Bill To FORCE Schools To Allow Transgender Male Athletes To Compete As Females

Massachusetts' Republican Governor Signs Ban On Conversion Therapy For Children

Former Transgender Activist Warns Of Deadly, Disturbing Transition Dangers: 'We Are Manufacturing Transgender Kids'

Christians And LGBT Advocates Should Come Together To Support Trump's Fight Against Gay Criminalization

Young People Pushing Back Against Transgender Nonsense Has LGBT Activists Alarmed

Feminist Grad Student Says Biological Men Can't Be Women. Now The University Is Investigating Her.

Politician Pushing 'Gender Neutral' Toilets Charged With Child Sex Crimes

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgender Is 'Mental Disorder;' Sex Change 'Biologically Impossible'

Dad Furious After US Public School 'Undermined' Him, Worsened Daughter's Trans Crisis

'Hundreds' Of Young Trans People Seeking Help To Return To Original Sex

Transgender Puberty Blocking Drug Llinked To Thousands Of Deaths, FDA Data Reveals