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Abortion Laws & Court Cases: Funding Abortion & Pro-Abortion

'EXECUTING BABIES': Trump Unleashes On Democrats Voting Against Bill Preventing Newborns From Being Killed - 2/26/2019

Senate Rejects Democrats' Attempt To Gut State Pro-Life Laws - 2/28/2022

Senate Democrats Prioritized Radical Abortion Bill Over Aid For Ukraine - 2/28/2022

Legislator Slames Democrats For Killing Bill To Stop Infanticide: You "Failed The Basic Test Of Humanity" - 3/9/2022

Proposed Maryland Law Could Allow Babies To Be Killed Within 28 Days Of Birth - 3/12/2022

Maryland Legislature Passes "Kill More Babies" Bill That Greatly Expands Abortions - 3/30/2022

California Assembly Health Committee Passes Bill That Would Legalize Infanticide - 4/20/2022

OBGYN Confirms California Infanticide Bill Would Allow "Killing Newborn Children Up To 28 Days" - 4/20/2022

Kansas Voters Say No To Ballot Measure To End Abortion Rights Being Enshrined In State Constitution - 8/3/2022

Joe Biden Will Sign Execcutive Order Forcing Taxpayers To Fund Abortion Travel Killing Babies - 8/3/2022

Biden Executive Order On Abortion Travel Funding Appears To Violate Hyde Amendment - 8/3/2022

Federal Court Rules On California's Abortion-Funding Mandate For Churches - 8/27/2022

Biden Admin Announces Military Will Fund Abortion Travel To Kill Babies - 10/20/2022

Joe Biden Sued For Hiding How Dangerous Abortion Pill Has Killed And Injured Women - 11/7/2022

Elizabeth Warren Demands Vote To Bill For Abortions Up To Birth, Even If It Won't Pass - 11/15/2022

Companies Paying For Abortion Travel Are Discriminating Against Pro-Life Moms - 11/22/2022

Joe Biden Is Secretly Trying To Change HIPAA Rules To Promote Abortion Nationwide - 2/15/2023

Lawsuit Claims Virginia Social Worker Pressured 15-Year-Old Girl Into Aborting Baby Against Her Will - 2/21/2023

Democrats Push Equal Rights Amendment That Would Legalize Abortions Up To Birth - 2/28/2023

Biden's Proposed Changes Would Strip Pro-Life Doctors, Nurses Of Federal Conscience Protections - 3/5/2023

FDA's Procedure For Approving Abortion Pill Was Unlawful, Lawsuit Claims - 3/9/2023

VA House STops Democrats From Putting A Right To Partial-Birth Abortion In The State Constitution - 3/11/2023

UN Seeks To Decriminalize Child Sex, Sex Work, And Abortion - 4/24/2023

'Unconstitutional': Lawsuit Challenges Colorado Laws targeting Pro-Life Speech Near Abortion Clinics - 6/10/2023

Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Ruling Blocking 6-Week Abortion Ban - 6/16/2023