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- 1619 Project vs. 1776

- Common Core

     - Follow The Money

     - Results

- CRT (Critical Race Theory) & SEL (Social & Emotional Learning)

     - Academic Pushback

     - Educational Department Denial

     - Parental Pushback

     - State Pushback

- Home Schooling

- Public & Private Schools

     - Activism In The Classroom

     - Agenda Driven Actions Against Teachers

     - Cover-ups

     - COVID Policies

     - 'Domestic Terrorist' Parents?

     - Sexual/LGBTQ+ Agenda

          - Activist Educators

          - Florida Anti-Grooming Bill

          - Parental Resistance

          - Student Resistance

          - Teacher Resistance

     - Sexual Crimes

     - Wokeness In Education

- See: Amendments: 2A: Schools & Mass Shootings: School Safety

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