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First Amendment: Freedom Of Religion

Kentucky Public Schools Are Now Allowed To Teach Bible Courses - 6/28/2017

Atheists Say They 'Put An End' To Coach Praying With Players--And Students Send A Huge Message Back - 11/15/2017

Ruling Threatens Md. 'Peace Cross' and Other Veterans Memorials - 1/2/2019

FFRF Threatens Public Schools Over Visits To The Ark Encounter And Creation Museum - 1/8/2019

FAA Investigating Religious Discrimination Complaints After Airports Exclude Chick-fil-a - 5/24/2019

Supreme Court Just Smacked Down Every Leftist Attacking Christian Bakeries - 6/18/2019

The Supreme Court Upholds A War Memorial Cross On Public Land - 6/20/2019

VA Hospitals Can Distribute, Display Bibles Under Revised Policy - 7/9/2019

Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Censored Pro-Life Group, But Refuses To Apologize - 9/22/2019

KY Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Christian Print Shop Owner Who Refused To Print Gay Pride T-Shirt - 11/4/2019

Trump Encourages Students Who Want To Pray, Threatens Schools That Try To Stop Them - 1/16/2020

Illinois Churches Can't Exceed 50 Attendees Until There's A Coronavirus Vaccine, Medicine, Or No New Cases - 5/7/2020

Judge Reinstates VA Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Affirm Trans Identity For Kids, Calls School Reponse 'Vindictive' - 6/8/2021

Gov. DeSantis Just Officially Brought Back The Opportunity For Prayer In Schools - 6/15/2021

Public HS Principal To Valedictorian: Mentioning Your Christian Faith In Graducation Speech Is 'Not Appropriate.' But Valedictorian Is Fighting Back. - 6/27/2021

Court Rules University's Shuttering Of Christian Club Is Worst Case Of Discrimination Its Seen - 7/17/2021

Settlement Victory: Christian PE Teacher Who Rejected Trans Policy Gets The Best Of Loudoun County - 11/17/2021

Air Force Cadets Covid Vaccination Religious Exemption Denied - 4/1/2022

Boston Suburb Denies Church's Request To Open School Over Stance On Creationism, Sexuality - 4/1/2022

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules City Of Boston Violated First Amendment In Refusing To Fly Christian Flag - 5/2/2022

Texas Church Evicted After Pastor Criticized LGBTQ Mural In City Council Meeting - 5/18/2022

Supreme Court Rules School District Cannot Prohibit Football Coach's On Field Prayer - 6/27/2022

Biden Admin. Threatens Chirstian School's Lunch Money Over Bible-LGBT Issue: Suit - 7/28/2022

'Targeted Assassinations': Court Docs Uncover Shocking Details In Pro-Life Woman's $5M Win Over Airline, Union - 8/2/2022

Same-Sex Marriage Act Gives Government 'Broad New Power' To Target Religious Believers, Experts Say - 12/18/2022

US Court Upholds Religious Schools Title IX Exemption - 1/14/2023

Biden Admin Looking To Remove Religious Student Groups' Protections On Campus - 2/21/2023

'State-Funded Religion': AG Repeals Decision To Allow Religious Charter Schools - Claims It Creates A 'Slippery Slope,' Violates Oklahoma Constitution - 2/24/2023

In Victory For Religious Freedom, Student Will Be Allowed To Wear 'Jesus Loves Me' Mask At School - 1/26/2023

EXCLUSIVE: Former Police Officer Punished For Gay Marriage View Lawyers Up, Demands Apology - 2/13/2023

Stop the Secularist Presses! High-Profile Dem Cheers Religion Influencing Gov't... Dunks On 'Separation of Church And State' - 3/6/2023

State Legislation Could Strip Catholic Churches' Right To Protect Members 'Sealed Confessions' - 3/26/2023

FBI's Targeting Of Traditional Catholics Is An 'Affront' To First Amendment, Jim Jordan Tells Daily Caller Editor - 4/11/2023

Oregon's Ban On Christians Adopting Violates The First Amendment - And Good Sense - 4/17/2023

Supreme Court Rules For Web Designer Who Refused To Work On Same-Sex Weddings - 6/30/2023

Supreme Court Sides With Christian Graphic Designer, Says State Can't Force Her To Violate Her Religious Beliefs - 6/30/2023

Gorsuch Lambasts Sotomayor's Dissent In Christian Web Designer Ruling: 'Opens Fire On Its Own Position' - 6/30/2023

Another Victory For Religious Liberty: SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Chritian Postal Worker Disciplined For Honoring The Sabbath - 6/30/2023

Dem Attorney General Promises To Defy Landmark Supreme Court Ruling - But The Facts Dismantle Her Narrative - 7/9/2023

Christians Arrested During COVID For Outside Worship Service Win Settlement - 8/1/2023

'We Finished The Race,' Coach Kennedy Says After Taking Knee In Prayer On Field Following Supreme Court Victory - 9/2/2023

Did High School RETALIATE Against Football Coach Over Supreme Court Win? - 9/11/2023

Anti-Religious Group Claims Auburn University's Football Coash Attending Massive Christian Revival On Campus Is 'Unconstitutional' - 9/25/2023

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You'd Be Surprised Which States Persecute Religious Schools And Charities - 12/26/2023