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Second Amendment: Fake News, Propaganda, & Facts

Kamala Harris Proudly Proclaims 'I Am A Gun-Owner' Before Launching Typical Leftist Attack On Guns -  4/13/2019

Jake Tapper To Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell: 'Vast Majority Of Gun-Related Deaths' Are Not From Semi-Automatic Rifles - 4/14/2019

REVEALED: Walmart Killer Noted In Manifesto That He Chose Gun-Free Zone For A Reason - 8/4/2019

Jesse Watters: Media Not Reporting El Paso Shooter Is 'Environmental Extremist' Not Influenced By Trump - 8/6/2019

Irony: AOC, Whose Rhetoric Was Used By Anti-ICE Terrorist, Says Trump "Directly Responsible" For El Paso Tragedy - 8/7/2019

Which Are Used To Kill More People, Knives Or Rifles? - 8/8/2019

FBI: More People Killed By Hammers, Clubs Than With Rifles Of Any Kind - 8/12/2019

Ted Cruz, Alyssa Milano Trade Barbs On Bible, 'God-Given' Gun Rights - 9/2/2019

Mo Brooks: 'The Long-Term Strategy Of the Democratic Party Is To Eliminate The Second Amendment' - 9/6/2019

Dana Loesch Explains How Media Manipulates Polling On Firearms - 9/9/2019

FBI: Over 5 Times More Killed Wtih Knives Than Rifles - 9/30/2019

Mainstream Media Outlets NBC, ABC, Leave Out Details In Coverage Of Armed St. Louis Couple Who Confronted Protesters - 6/30/2020

Breaking: New Video Exposes MSM Lies About Cop Shooting Girl w/Knife: Shows "Loving" Ma'Khia Bryant Screaming: "I'm Gonna Stab the F--k Out Of You, Bitch!" As She Lunged At 2 Unarmed Girls - 4/23/2021

Deep State Planning MAJOR False Flag Attack To Blame "Anti-Vaxxers" & Gun Owners - 5/31/2021

Gavin Newsom Rages, Makes False Claims After Federal Judge Strikes Down California's 'Unconstitutional' Gun Ban - 6/6/2021

Glenn Greenwald Calls Out Democrats For 'Absolute Lie' About Pulse Nightclub Massacre - 6/13/2021

Exonerated Police Officer Sues NFL Over 'Totally False' Characterization Of Shooting Incident - 6/15/2021

Pictures Of Every Mass Shooter For Past Two Years Reveals Who Commits The Mass Shootings In The US Today...It May Surprise You - 8/13/2021

Actor Drops Devastating Truth Bomb On Alec Baldwin, Shows Why 'Rust' Gun Couldn't Have Fired Itself - 12/8/2021

Sacramento Mass Shooting Suspect Released Early From 10-Year Prison Term Despite Pleading And Worning From The DA: 'If He Is Released Early, He Will Continue To Break The Law' - 4/6/2022

Fact-Check: Biden Makes False, Misleading Statements About Second Amendment To Reports - 5/31/2022

'You Can Have Your Other Yee-Haw Guns': Whoppi Goldberg Mocks Gun Owners, Calls For AR-15 Ban - 6/1/2022

Activists Claim Police Shot Unarmed Pregnant Woman With Her Hands Up. Then Body Cam Footage Is Released. - 6/2/2022

Leftist Says 'Well-Regulated Militia' Asserts Gun Control: Supreme Court Ruling Demolishes Argument - 6/3/2022

Biden Fails Fact-Check On Claim That More Children Died From Guns Than In Car Accidents - 6/3/2022

CNN's Ana Navarro FLIPS OUT When Confronted With Simple Facts About Gun Violence - 6/9/2022