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Second Amendment: Good Guys With Guns

11-Year-Old Girl Nearly Kidnapped Walking To School, 2nd Amendment Hero Shows Up To Even The Odds - 4/9/2019

'Hero' Customer, A Licensed Gun Owner, Shoots 2 Robery Suspects At 7-Eleven: Reports - 7/26/2019

Off-Duty Firefighter Holds Armed Suspect In Body Armor At Gunpoint At Missouri Walmart - 8/8/2019

Armed Walmart Customer Saves Lives By Taking Out Active Shooter Inside Store - 9/7/2019

Dad Says God Bless The 2nd Amendment After Killing Naked Man Found In Daughter's Room - 5/17/2020

Armed Teacher Stops Alleged Kidnapping Attempt On School Playground - 5/27/2021

Intruder Tries Breaking Into Home Through Child's Bedroom Window. Homeowner Fires One Shot, Hitting Intruder In Head And Ending Threat. - 4/8/2022

Intruder Enters Home Wielding Large Stick, Locks Door, Orders Homeowner And Child To Get On Floor.  But Homeowner Grabs Gun, And The Tables Quickly Turn. - 4/25/2022

Intruder Breaks Into Texas Home With Mother And Her Three Children Inside.  But Mom Has A Gun - And Ends Threat With Deadly Shots. - 4/29/2022

Go Ahead And Shoot That Intruder - Its Okay - 5/11/2022

Crazed Man With AR15 Sprays Graduation Party With Bullets - Is Shot Dead By Woman With Pistol - 5/27/2022

'I Just Heard Screams': Mass Shooting In Philadelphia Leaves 3 Dead And 11 Wounded; Fast-Acting Cop Engages Shooter To Prevent More Deaths - 6/5/2022

Pregnant Woman Used AR-15 To Drop Armed Robber Attacking Her 11-Year-Old Daughter - 6/6/2022

Second Amendment In Action: Woman's Suspected Stalker Kicks In Front Door, She Shoots Him Dead - 6/7/2022

'It Was Me Or Him': Gun Owner Stands His Ground When Man Allegedly Tries To Break Into Home, Pulls Firearem - 6/9/2022

Two Teens - 15 And 16 - Force Their Way Into Home, Physically Attack Resident. But Victim Is Armed With Handgun And Shoots Intruders Dead. - 6/20/2022

'He's Back There Screaming': Homeowner Shoots One Of Two Intruders, Tells 911 'They Fell Out The Back Of The House Through The Sliding Glass Door' - 6/23/2022

Armed Philly Carjacker Pulls 59-Year-Old Man From Vehicle. But Victim - An Off-Duty Corrections Officer - Turns The Tables, Fires Multiple Times At Crook. - 6/26/2022

Two Homeowners In Same Florida City Engage In Shootouts With Intruders On Consecutive Days; One Suspect Charged WIth Attempted Murder, Another Is Shot Dead - 7/1/2022

Texas Dad Shoots Two Teens As They Try To Enter His Family's Car - Which Is Carrying Two Infants In Rear Seat - 7/12/2022

Video: It's All Smiles Before Crooks Invade Home; Seconds Later It's All Backsides As They Run For Their Lives From Homeowner Firing 'AK-47-Style Gun' At Them - 7/15/2022

Armed Homeowner Ends Neighborhood Crime Spree With Deadly Aim, Police Heard Just One Shot - 7/20/2022

Man Notices Something Wrong At Gas Station, 4 Shots Later He's A Hero - Another Good Guy With A Gun Saves The Day - 7/20/2022

As Afghanistan Vet Defends Home With AR-15-Style Rifle, Invaders Realize They Chose The Wrong House - 7/23/2022

Knife-Wielding Robber Attacks Texas Store Clerk. But Clerk Has A Gun, And She Fights Back - Shooting Her Attacker Multiple Times. - 7/29/2022

'He Shot My Arm Off': 80-Year-Old Shotgun-wielding Store Owner Prevents Armed Robbery - 8/2/2022

Researcher Alleges FBI Seriously Undercounts Armed Citizen Responses To Active Shootings, Real Number 3x Higher - 8/13/2022

Mom In Shower When Her Kids Start Screaming About Intruder. She Grabs her Gun, Faces Him Down, And Fatally Shoots Him When He Won't Stop Advancing. - 8/19/2022

Concealed-Carry Hero Takes Out Shooter Who Seriously Wounded Him, Killed Two At Party: 'If I Didn't Have My Gun, Everyone In The House Would Have Died' - 9/8/2022

Texas Mom Shoots Home Invader Through Door Of Debroom Where She And Her Kids Locked Themselves. Sheriff Says Mom 'Did What She Had To Do, And We Support Her.' - 10/27/2022

'Let Me In, I Will Kill You All': Armed Hasband Saves Barricaded Wife And Child From Knife-Wielding Menace - 10/29/2022

4 Armed Men Attempt To Carjack Young Woman, She Sends Them Running When She Puts Bullet In One's Head - 11/30/2022

Burglar Breaks Through Home's Second-Floor Bedroom Window Just Before Midnight - But Homeowner Has A Gun And Shoots Burglar Dead - 12/17/2022

Robber Pointing .45 At Store Clerk's Head Runs Into Big Problems When 3 Gun-Toting Customers Come To The Rescue - 1/11/2023

El Paso Mall Shooter Stopped Cold As Bystander Pulls His Own Weapon And Fires: Police - 2/19/2023

Man Allegedly Puts Woman In Choke Hold At Gas Station; She Excapes To Home, Where He Kicks In Doors. But Armed Homeowner Opens Fire, Ending Attack. - 2/27/2023

New Mexico Business Owner Shoots, Kills Alleged Robber Who Tunneled His Way Through Store's Wall - 4/28/2023