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FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs Later Pulled From The Market By The FDA -

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Pfizer Drug Trial Data Fraudulent?  FDA Conspiring With Drug Companies To Hide Data?  Wall Street Summons Whistleblower To Speak With Investors As Pharma Stocks Plunge - 2/18/2022

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FDA Panel Supports Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pill, Paving Way For Final, US Approval - 5/10/2023

OBGYN Confirms FDA Hiding Data On Botched Abortions From Abortion Pills - 5/10/2023

Florida Surgeon General Accuses CDC And FDA Heads Of Ignoring 'Many Of The Risks Associated With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines' - 5/10/2023

Judge Orders FDA To Accelerate Release Of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Data To Just 2 Years - 5/13/2023

FDA Blasted For 'Misleading' mRNA COVID Vaccine Labels As 'Sudden Death' Research Mounts - 7/5/2023

FDA Approves Drug Remdesivir For COVID-19 Treatment In People With Kidney Problems, Despite Data Showing Renal Failure - 7/18/2923

FDA Refuses To Change Anti-Ivermectin Statements After Court Ruling - 9/16/2023

FDA Responds To Reports Of DNA Contamination In COVID Vaccines - 9/22/2023