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Affirmative Action

Supreme Court Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions At Colleges - 6/29/2023

MSNBC Proves Clarence Thomas' Point That Race-Based Admissions Uphold The Bigotry Of Low Expectations - 6/29/2023

Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling On Affirmative Action At Universities - 6/29/2023

Supreme Court Rules Against Affirmative Action, In Favor Of Religious Liberty - 6/29/2023

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CNN Host Abruptly Ends Segment When Guest Whips Out The Facts About Affirmative Action's Impact On Asian Students - 6/30/2023

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Professors Urge Biden to Defy 'Mistaken' Rulings By 'MAGA' Supreme Court Justices - 7/23/2023

Columbia Law School Said It Would Require Applicants To Submit 'Video Statements' In Wake Of Affirmative Action Ban. Then It Backtracked. - 8/1/2023

California Democrats Play Affirmative Action Games Over Feinstein Senate Seat - 8/4/2023

Biden Admin Urges Colleges To Continue To Racially Discriminate Following Supreme Court Ruling On Affirmative Action - 8/14/2023

Law School Org Hosts Conference On How To Keep Racially Discriminating In Admissions - 8/16/2023

Biden Admin Guidance On Race-Based College Admissions Raises Legal Questions, Experts Say - 8/16/2023

Student Group Sues West Point Over Race-Based Admissions - 9/19/203

Universities Are Evading Supreme Court's Anti-Affirmative Action Ruling, Congress Hears - 9/28/2023

EXCUSIVE: Universities Hit WIth Civil Rights Complaints Alleging Tuition Programs Illegally Discriminate Based On Race - 11/8/2023