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Attacks On Gas Stoves & Other Products

REVEALED: World Economic Forum Partner Behind Sudden Push To Ban Gas Stoves - 1/11/2023

RIGHT ON CUE... CNN: The Science Is Showing Us Having A Gas Stove In A Home Is "Like Hving A Car Idling There" (VIDEO) - 1/11/2023

AOC Claims Gas Stoves Give You Brain Damage - Trump's Former Physician Responds WIth Epic Comeback - 1/11/2023

Consumer Safety Commission Walks Back Gas-Stove Trheat Amid Backlash - 1/11/2023

It's Not Just Gas Stoves Democrats Are Coming For  - Here Are Other Home Appliances On The Chopping Block - 1/29/2023

THEY DID WHAT CHINA WANTED: Biden's Energy Secretary Met With Far-Left, China-Connected "Green Energy" Group Before Pushing To Ban American Gas Stoves - 2/10/2023

Corrupt New York Times Freaks Out Over Gas Stoves, Downplays Poisonous Chemical Spill In Ohio - 2/17/2023

Democrats In Minnesota Now Pushing For Ban On Gas-Powered Lawnmowers And Chainsaws - 2/18/2023

After Backpedaling On Gas Stove Ban, Administration Plans To Raise Costs Via New Efficiency Regs - 2/24/2023

Biden Regime's New "Efficiency" Rule Would Ban Half Of Gas Stove Models - 2/25/2023

Gas Stove Ban Is Latest 'Right-Wing Conspiracy' PROVEN TRUE? - 2/27/2023

Gas Ranges Targeted In Class Action Suit Against LG - 3/10/2023

Stacey Abrams Takes Job With Environmental Gropu Trying To Eliminate Gas Stoves - 3/15/2023

California Bay Area To Start Banning Gas Furnaces And Water Heaters - 3/16/2023

Federal Agency Comes Closer To Gas Stove Ban - 3/17/2023

New York Close To Passing Statewide Gas Stove Ban On New Homes - 3/26/2023

'Keep Your Hands Off Our Stoves': Oil And Gas Association Vows To Fight Department Of Energy On gas Stove Ban - 3/27/2023

Hands off Our Stoves! Industry Forms Group To Combat Biden Crackdown On gas Appliances - 3/27/2023

Energy Secretary Acknowledges Half Of Gas Stoves Could Be Impacted By Government Proposal - 3/28/2023

House Approves Amendment to Protect Gas Stoves From Biden Admin, Two Dozen Democrats Support - 3/29/2023

Biden Administration To Proceed With Light Bulb Ban, Advancing 'Climate Goals' - 4/4/2023

Biden Admin Moving Ahead With Ban On Incadescent Lightbulbs - 4/4/2023

Federal Court Overturns Nation's First Natural Gas Ban - 4/18/2023

New York Becomes 1st State To Ban Gas Stoves - 5/3/2023

VIDEO: Watch All The Media Lapdogs Who Claimed That Gas Stove Bans Were A Right Wing Conspiracy - 5/6/2023

Biden Regime Escalates War On Household Appliances To Advance "Climate Change" Agenda - Releases Crippling Rules Targeting Dishwashers - Crackdowns ON Washers, Dryers And Refrigerators Also Under Consideration - 5/8/2023

Democratic AGs Urge Federal Government To Crack Down On Gas Stoves - 5/9/2023

Democrat Attorneys General Support Nationwide Gas Stove Crackdown - 5/9/2023

Joe Biden's War On Dishwashers Rages On - 5/9/2023

Dishwashers Join Growing List Of Home Appliances Targeted By Biden Climate Warriors - 5/10/2023

Biden's Green Rules Mean Appliances Will Soon Cost More And Do Less, Experts Say - 6/2/2023

Biden Regime To Crack Down On Air Conditioning To Fight Global Warming - Will Cut HFC Consumption By 40% In Next 4 Years - Get Ready To Boil! - 7/13/2023

Illinois Town First In Midwest To Ban Gas In New Buildings - 7/15/2023

Lawmaker Questions Top Official Over Proposed Gas Stove Ban, Cost To Move To Electric - 7/19/2023

THANKS, JOE: Incadescent Light Bulb Ban Goes Into Effect This Week - 8/1/2023

Boston Mayor Bans 'Fossil Fuels' In New City-Owned Buildings To Advance 'Racial And Economic Justice' - 8/1/2023

Biden Admin Reduces Savings Estimate For Americans Switching Away From Gas Stoves: Industry Group - 8/4/2023

Energy Department Updates Gas Stove Analysis, Shows Far Less Savings Than Previously Claimed - 8/4/2023

Biden Administration Targets Ceiling Fans, Saying The Appliances Should Be More 'Energy Efficient' - 8/26/2023

Biden Admin Fires 'Another Salvo' In Green Push, Moves To Ban Natural Gas Transport Via Rail - 9/5/2023

Democratic Colorado Governor Signs Executive Order Requiring Mass Replacement Of Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment - 9/16/2023

Biden Admin Issues New Rule Targeting Gas Furnaces In Latest Crackdown On Appliances - 9/30/2023

Critics Flame Kamala Harris Over Her Thanksgiving Photograph With Gas Stove - 11/24/2023

John Podesta Was Behind Biden's Decision To Pause Natural Gas Exports. His Lobbyist Brothers Stands To Benefit - 2/15/2024