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Bugs For Food & Synthetic Meat

- See: New (Nazi) World Order: Food Shorages: Bill Gates Farmland & Synthetic Meat

US Public Broadcasting Encourages People To Eat "Tasty" Insects To Help Battle Climate Change - 7/23/2022

Want To Eat Healthy And Save The Planet? Replace Beef With Spirulina Algae - 12/8/2022

"It Has A Big Impact': Davos Speaker Calls For 'A Bilion' People To 'Stop Eating Meat' - 1/18/2023

The Global Warming Cult Has Come For Your Coffee - 1/21/2023

European Union Approves Cricket Powder As Component Of Flour-Based Foods Despite 'Inconclusive' Allergy Data - 1/23/2023

Bugs To Be Used In Bread, Beer, And Various Other Items 'Intended For The General Populations,' Courtesy Of The EU - 1/24/2023

Federal Gov't Will 'Probably' Force Americans To Eat Insects, Tucker Carlson Says - 1/31/2023

Will We Eat Bugs? A French Biotech Firm Thinks So - 2/18/2023

'Dark Climate Change Religion': Middle School Teacher Feeds Sixth-Graders Bugs And Climate Alarmist Propaganda - 3/16/2023

Report: Some Lab-Grown Meat Pushed By WEF And Bill Gates As A Remedy For Climate Change Is Made Of 'Immortalized' Cancer Cells - 2/24/2023

Bill Gates Admits Cold Truth About Climate Change - 3/10/2023

Lab-Grown 'GOOD Meat' Receives Clearance From FDA - 3/22/2023

Mother Says She's Feeding Baby Cricket Products And Plans To Eventually Add Worms, Ants, And Grasshoppers - 4/26/2023

CBS Segment Suggests Adding Bugs Into Diets Is 'Climate-Friendly' - 5/14/2023

Tyson Foods To Bring Bug-Based Protein To US Markets After Partnering With 'World Leader In Insect Ingredients' - 10/23/2023

Scientists Want Meat Slapped With 'Cigarette-Style' Warning Labels About Climate Change. Here's Why It's Completely Asinine - 11/10/2023

United Nations Set To Call On Americans To Stop Eating Meat In An Effort 'To Tackle Climate Change' - Despite Only Making Up 1.4% Of Global Emissions - 11/28/2023

United Nations Set To Call On Americans To Reduce Meat Consumption - 11/28/2023