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FACT CHECK: No, Trump Did Not Tell People To 'Inject Themselves With Disinfectant' Or 'Drink Bleach' - 4/24/2020

HUGE UPDATE: Dr. Fauci And Dr. Birx Used Imperical College Model - NOW CONFIRMED AS A COMPLETE FRAUD - To Persuade President Trump To Lock Down Entire US Economy! - 5/6/2020

Author Of New (Inaccurate) Report Predicting 3,000 Daily Coronavirus Deaths Says It Wasn't 'Intended To Be A Forecast' BUT Intended To Slam Trump - 5/7/2020

Famous Statistican Blasts Media For 'Basic Error' In Coronavirus Reporting That Distorts The Truth - 5/8/2020

Famouse Statistician Blasts Media For 'Basic Error' In Coronavirus Reporting That Distorts The Truth - 5/8/2020

Project Veritas Obtains Letter Sent To Dem Governor Regarding Fake COVID Testing Line - 5/8/2020

Coronavirus Model Used To Justify Shutdowns In The US And UK Found To Be 'Totally Unreliable' By Experts - 5/18/2020

FAUCI LIED: Says 'Country Wasn't Ready' For Truth - 12/24/2020

Pandemic Numbers Faked To Blame Trump: The WHO Changes Guidelines On COVID Tests An Hour After Biden Inauguration - 1/21/2021

Biden Attacked Trump's Handling Of COVID.  But Data Show Trump Nearly Accomplished Biden's Vaccine Goal. - 1/23/2021

Dem Challenger Blames Rep. Lauren Boebert For Her Hospital Being 'At Capacity' With COVID Patients - But She Works In Wyoming - 8/1/2021

DeSantis Torches Biden Admin After Psaki Makes False Statement About His Handling Of Pandemic In Florida - 8/2/2021

Report Reveals They Knew The Side Effects Well Over A Year Ago! - 8/22/2021

Vax Nazis Are Desperately Trying To Bury This Report - 8/25/2021

Medical Team Who Created Video To "Make COVID Scary Again" Are Deliberately Lying To Us - 9/23/2021

Health Official Caught On Hot Mic Admitting What Restrictions Are Really About, 'There Is No Medical Or....' - 9/13/2021

Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes COVID-19 Pandemic As A Plandemic - 5/7/2020

Critics Rip Former Biden Health Adviser For Peddling Lie Unvaccinated Kids Are Likely To Get 'Serious' COVID - 2/4/2022

Bill Maher Blasts Pandemic Misinformation Spread By Health Officials, Delivers Laundry List Of Things The Medical-Industrial Coomplex Got Wrong - 2/5/2022

Psaki Goes For Broke, Blames Trump After Study Proves Democrats Lied - 2/8/2022

The 5 Biggest COVID Lies Science Experts And The Government Have Told Us [Video] - 2/11/2022

Scotland To Stop Reporting COVID-19 Data Because Of Concerns It's 'Being Misrepresented' - 2/18/2022

How Prominent Public Health Agencies Are Skewing Vaccine Effectivneness Statistics In The US - #Denominatorgate - 2/21/2022

After Thousands Cry Foul, White House Admits It 'Misstated' Claim About Biden And Vaccines - 5/16/2022

Primary Source Of COVID Misinformation Is The Feds, Scientists And Scholars Tell Surgeon General - 5/19/2022

DeSantis Vindicated Of COVID Cover-Up After Media Darling, 'Whistleblower' Ends Up In Complete Disgrace - 6/8/2022