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Masks: Power & Control

Fauci Confesses That He Wore Mask For Optics - 5/19/2021

Fauci Changes Tune, Now Says Second COVID-19 Wave May Never Happen - And Mask-Wearing Is Symbolic - 5/28/2020

CDC Uses Bogus Study To Justify Tyrannical Mask, Lockdown Orders - 7/30/2021

CDC Exposed: Mask Decision Made Using Non-FDA-Approved Vaccine Data From India - 7/29/2021

CDC Uses Bogus Study To Justify Tyrannical Mask, Lockdown Orders - 7/30/2021

'Public Health [Officials] Don't Get To Tell People What To Wear': Democratic Governor Declares That COVID-19 Emergency Is 'Over' - 12/13/2021

Feds Consider Ending Airline Mask Mandate This Month; Flight Attendants Union Wants Masks To Stay, Doesn't Care That CDC Guidance Changed - 3/4/2022

Dad Facing Jail TIme For Going Maskless To Son's Game Wins In Court, Has Further Plans For District - 3/7/2022

California Bill Would Defund Police Departments For Refusing To Enforce Mask Mandates - 3/31/2022

WATCH: Suveillance Footage Confirms School Guards Assaulted, Framed Single Father Put On House Arrest For Refusing To Mask 7-Year-Old Son - 4/7/2022

Critics Blast Biden Administration For Extending Mask Mandate On Planes While Dropping Title 42 - 4/14/2022

Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC Mask Mandate For Planes, Travel - 4/18/2022

Resurfaced Video Of Pro-Mask Health Expert From 2018 Reveals The Real Reason For Mask Mandates - 5/9/2022

Watch: California Principal Calls Cops On Boy Who Can't Even Read - For Not Wearing A Mask - 8/21/2022

Watch: Virginia Veteran Who Defied COVID Orders Has His Restaurant Stormed By Armed Agents - 'You're Shutting Down A Man's Livelihood' - 12/5/2022

CDC Director Walensky Says Child Masking Policy "Doesn't Really Change WIth Time" - After She Is Confronted WIth New Study That Proves Masking Is Worthless In Preventing Spread Of COVID (VIDEO) - 2/14/2023