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Crenshaw Blows The Lid On Soros-Funded Prosecutors Pushing "Social Justice" Over "Justice" - 12/10/2021

REPORT: The 75 Soros-Linked Radical US Prosecutors Who Are Wreaking Havoc In American Cities - 6/9/2022

Soros-Funded Prosecutor Removed And Disqualified After Judge Realizes He's Been Misled - 6/16/2022

George Soros Refuses To Accept Responsibility For Crime Waves In Cities Controlled By Democrats - 8/2/2022

'Enough Is Enough!': Fraternal Order Of Police President Calls Out 'Pro-Criminal' Prosecutors And Politicians For 'One Of The Most Dangerous Years For Law Enforcement' - 12/21/2022

THE FIX IS IN: Sam Bankman-Fried Has A Clinton Judge, Soros-Related Biden-Appointed Prosecutor, And His Case Is In The Corrupt SDNY - 1/4/2023

Joe Rogan Calls Out Leftist Billionaire George Soros: 'It's Like He Wants These Cities To Fall Apart. He Wants Crime To Flourish.' - 1/13/2023

Crime Has Risen Under The Watch Of Soros-Backed Prosecutors In Six Major Cities - 2/12/2023

JUST IN: Young Arizona Woman Stabbed 15 Times - Suspect Released From Prison 6 Months Ago After Prosecutors Assessed Him As "Medium-Low" Risk, Met With Probation Officer After Allegedly Killing - 5/6/2023

Soros-Backed PAC Spends Bit To Install Liberal Criminal Defense Attorney As Pittsburgh's Next DA - 5/9/2023

Virginia Leftists Secretly Plotted To Guard Democrats From Trans Rape Fallout - 5/11/2023