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Mass Vehicle & Knife Murders: Idaho College Stabbings

Police: Knife Used In Targeted Attack Of 4 Slain Idaho College Students - 11/15/2022

4 Idaho College Students Killed In 'Targeted Attack,' No Suspects In Custody - 11/16/2022

What We Know About The 4 Idaho College Students Found Dead In An Off-Campus Home - 11/16/2022

Idaho College Murders: The Complete Timeline Of Events - 11/18/2022

Idaho Students Murders: Roommates Break Silence Over Killed Friends - 12/5/2022

Internet Sleuths Spot Mystery Group In Background Of Bodycam Footage Two Doors Down From Idaho Murder House - Just TEN MINUTES Before Cops Announced Druesome Deaths Of Four Students - 12/13/2022

Police Arrest Man In Connection With Brutal Killings Of Four Idaho College Students - 12/30/2022

Suspect Arrested In Murder Of 4 Idaho College Students Is A Criminology PhD Student - 12/30/2022

Idaho Police release Details On Arrest Of Suspect In University Of Idaho Quadruple Homicide - 12/30/2022

WATCH: Father Of Idaho Murder Victim Weighs In After Suspect Is Arrested - 12/30/2022

Pennsylvania Police Say 'Force Was Used' Durig Search Of Home Belonging To Idaho Murder Suspect's Parents - 1/4/2023

Idaho Murder Suspect Stopped Twice By Police During Recent Cross-Country Drive: Officials - 1/4/2023

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Changed The Title Of His Hyundai Elantra Five Days After Quadruple Murder (Police Bodycam Video) - 1/4/2023

Court Docs Say DNA Of Idaho Murder Suspect Found On Knife Sheath. College Roommate Frozen In Shock Coming Face-To-Face WIth Killer. Expert Profiler Believes Bryan Kohberger Is An Incel. - 1/5/2023

Kohberger Murder Affidavit: Left-Behind Knife Sheath, DNA Led To Capture, Arrest - 1/5/2023

Idaho Murders: Probable Cause Affidavit Unsealed: Read The List Of Shocking New Details here - Surviving Roommate Came Face-To-Face With Killer! - 1/5/2023

Detectives Used Cell Phone Ping Data To Catch idaho Murder Suspect "Fact-Checkers" Called "Not Precise Enough" When "2000 Mules" Investigators Used Same Technology To Catch Ballot Traffickers - 1/5/2023

Revealed: FBI Asked Indiana Police To Pull Over Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger - 1/5/2023

FBI Reportedly Instructed Police To Pull Over Idaho Murder Suspect To Obtain Images Of Hands. Bryan Kohberger Switched License Plates After Slayings Of College Students - 1/6/2023

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Thoroughly Cleaned his White Hyundai Elantra "Not Missing An Inch" - 1/6/2023

WATCH: Was Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger's Car Caught On Video Near Crime Scene Hours After Quadruple Homicide? - 1/10/2023

NEW: Idaho Police Unseal bryan Kohberger Search Warrant - 'Reddish/Brown' Stains, Hairs Seized From Accused Killer's Home... And More! - 1/18/2023

Judge Overseeing Idaho Quadruple Murder Case Expands Gag Order After Latest Leaks To Media - 1/22/2023

Idaho Murders: Suspect Had Job Interview With A Local Police Chief - 1/22/2023

Bryan Kohberger's Public Defender Represented two Of The Idaho Stabbing Victims' Parents - 1/29/2023

Idaho Quadruple Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Had Pictures Of One Of The Victims On HIs Phone: Report - 2/22/2023

New Plot Twist In Idaho Quadruple Murders Case: Surviving Roommate Agrees To Interview With Kohberger's Defense Lawyers - 4/28/2023

Bryan Kohberger Indicted By Grand Jury In Idaho Student Murders - 5/17/2023

Prosecution Seeks Death Penalty For Accused Killer Of Four University Of Idaho Students - 6/26/2023

Suspected Idaho Killer's Defense Claims Cell Phone Data Provides Alibi On Night Of Killings - 4/18/2024