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Schools & Mass Shootings: Parkland, Florida

17 Killed In Mass Shooting At High School In Parkland, Florida - 2/14/2018

Teen Gunman Kills 17, Injures 17 At Parkland, Florida High School - 2/14/2018

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'Sit Down, You Charlatan': Parkland Father Calls Out David Hogg For His 'BS' 'Revisionist History' - 5/30/2022

Parkland Father Calls Out 'Charlatan' David Hogg For 'Absolute Revisionist History' On Florida Law - 5/31/2022

'One Day At A Time': Trial For Parkland Shooter Postponed Indefinitely Over Coronavirus - 6/22/2020

Parkland Shooter Is Still Holding On To A Delusional Belief, Counselor Says - 8/15/2022

Psychologist Says Parkland School Shooter Was A Child Who 'Stuck Out Like A Sore Thumb' - 8/24/2022

Parkland Killer Nikolas Cruz Had 'Dreams Of Killing' Years Before Shooting, Therapist Warmed - 8/25/2022

DeSantis Suspends Four School Board Officials After Parkland Shooting Grand Jury Investigation - 8/27/2022

Nikolas Cruz Sentencing Trial Live Updates: Witness Says Parkland School Shooter Has IQ Of 83 - 9/12/2022

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Nikolas Cruz, Parkland School Shooter, Avoids Death Penalty For Killing 17 - 10/13/2022

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Parkland Scool Shooter Nikolas Cruz gets Life In Prison - 11/2/2022

Parkland Dad To Biden: 'Don't Use My Daughter's Death To Advance Your Political Agenda' - 2/17/2023

Gun Control Activist David Hogg Believes The 2nd Amendment Was Never Intended To Be 'An Individual Right' - 2/20/2023

Parkland Parents Forcibly Removed, Arrested At U.S. House Hearing On Gun Control - 3/23/2023

WATCH: Parent Of Parkland Shooting Victim Arrested During Gun Control Hearing, Rep. Pat Fallon Compares Outbursts To Jan. 6 Rioters - 3/23/2023

David Hogg Gets Town To Shreds After Calling US Sen. Rick Scott 'Complicit' in Death Of Scott's Friend Killed In Louisville Massacre - 4/11/2023

'Broward Coward' Scot Peterson Acquitted On All Charges Over Response To Parkland Shooting - 6/29/2023

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Attention Hogg Blows Nearly Half His PAC's Donor Dollars On Nonsense Like DoorDash And Marc Elias - 4/10/2024

Chinese Immigrant Blasts David Hogg: 'Go To China To See How Gun Control Works' - 4/11/2024

'I Will Never Give Up My Guns': Gun Control Activist David Hogg Questioned By Chinese Immigrant About Tyranny - 4/12/2024