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'There's No Value For Human Life Here': Fox News' Gianno Caldwell Blasts Chicago's 'Soft-On-Crime' Policies After Brother's Murder - 6/28/2022

Liberal Prosecutors Helped Fuel Crime Surges In Some American Cities, Experts Say - 1/2/2023

California's Early Release Of Convicted Pedophiles Leads To More Victims: Former DA - 1/18/2023

Los Angeles Hit-And-Run Driver Who Plowed Into Mom And Baby In Stolen Car Is Murdered After Light Sentence - 1/20/2023

Three St. Louis Teens Released And Sent Home After Shots Fired At Police Officers - 1/23/2023

Male Accused Of Raping Girls Ages 4 And 9 To Serve Less Than 180 Days In Jail - Not Required To Register As Sex Offender - 2/1/2023

Gavin Newsom Has 'Blood On His Hands', Soft On Crime Laws Leads To Another Officer's Death - 2/2/2023

Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd Embarrasses Reporter Who Asks How New Gang Task Force Can "Help Gang Members" Instead Of Arresting Them - 3/5/2023

6 Suspects Ages 11 Through 14 Arrested After Brutal Beating Of Woman On Philly Street That Left Her Unconscious; Victim Says People Nearby 'Just Kept Walking' - 3/10/2023

Woke LA County Supervisors Propose Motion To DEPOPULATE Jails By Releasing Inmates - And Also Consider Letting Criminals With Bail Set At Under $50,000 Out Of Prison - 4/2/2023

Chicago Mayor Elect Johnson Tells Chicagoans Not To "Demonize" Teens Who Terriroized And Unleashed Violent Chaos On The City - 4/17/2023

More Of Rep.Jerry Nadler's "Fraudulent Crime Surge": New Video Shows NYPD Officer Attacked By Suspect With 11 Prior Arrests - 4/18/2023

NYPD Wants Businesses To Require Customers Remove Masks - 3/6/2023

Out-Of-Control Crime In Chicago: Woman With Extensive Criminal History Plows Car Through Gas Station, Hits A Vehicle, And Flips SUV Over [VIDEO] - 4/20/2023

Chicago Is Doomed - Mayor Elect Johnson Doubles Down Defending Youth Riots As 'Silly Decision' (VIDEO) - 4/20/2023

Video Shows Chicago 'Teen Takeover' Mob Cut Off Woman's Escape And Engulf Her: Report - 4/20/2023

Anxiety Rises In Chicago As Walmart Makes A Quick And Drastic Move - 4/20/2023

Chicago Veteran Prosecutor Quits, Moes Family Out Of State Over Crime Surge - Blames Soros-Funded State's Atoorney's 'Stupid' Policies: 'Rushing Into One Popular Political Agenda After Another' - 5/10/2023