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Woke Policies: Rape, Pedophilia & Trans

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- See: LGBTQ+: Transgenderism: Crimes & Violence By Transgenders

California's Early Release Of Convicted Pedophiles Leads To More Victims: Former DA - 1/18/2023

Male Accused Of Raping Girls Ages 4 And 9 To Serve Less Than 180 Days In Jail - Not Required To Register As Sex Offender - 2/1/2023

Minnesota Department Of Corrections Will Pay For Inmate's Sex-Change Surgery And Transfer Him To A Female Prison, Per Settlement - 6/5/2023

Suspect With 28-Page Rap Sheet Who Cops Say 'Should Not Have Been On The Street' Allegedly Just Tried To Abduct 14-Year-Old Girl From Mall - 7/14/2023

'He's A Predator': 85 Women File Class Action Lawsuit Against Boston Doctor Over Allegations of 'Deplorable' Sexual Assaults - 10/14/2023

Gov. DeSantis Signs Executive Order Accusing Florida Judge Of Alleged Molestation, Child Abuse - 10/14/2023

Nashville Police Chief''s 'Estranged' Rapist Son Found Dead After Allegedly Shooting Two Cops And Going On The Run - 10/26/2023

'Death Penalty Now': 7 Me Allegedly Gang Raped Toddlers At Mall In Texas - 1/11/2024

7 Men On Film Gang-Raping Toddlers At Popular Texas Mall, Posting Videos To Dark Web: FBI - 1/12/2024

Oklahoma Mother Holds HIV-Positive Youth Baseball Coach At Gunpoint After FInding Him Raping Her Daughter: Report - 1/27/2024

Transgender Antifa Militant Charged With Detonating Explosive Outside Alabama Attorney General's Office - 4/12/2024

Radical Leftist Arrested For Detonating A Bomb Outside Alabama's Republican Attorney General's Office - Was Also Posting Stickers Promoting Antifa - 4/12/2024

Rapist Who Impregnated 14-Year-Old Girl To Lose His Testicles As Part Of His Sentence - 4/25/2024