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Woke Policies: Teen Crimes & Mobs

Three St. Louis Teens Released And Sent Home After Shots Fired At Police Officers - 1/23/2023

6 Suspects Ages 11 Through 14 Arrested After Brutal Beating Of Woman On Philly Street That Left Her Unconscious; Victim Says People Nearby 'Just Kept Walking' - 3/10/2023

Chicago Mayor Elect Johnson Tells Chicagoans Not To "Demonize" Teens Who Terriroized And Unleashed Violent Chaos On The City - 4/17/2023

Chicago Is Doomed - Mayor Elect Johnson Doubles Down Defending Youth Riots As 'Silly Decision' (VIDEO) - 4/20/2023

Video Shows Chicago 'Teen Takeover' Mob Cut Off Woman's Escape And Engulf Her: Report - 4/20/2023

Chicago Suburb Forced To Cancel Armed Forces Carnival After Flash Mob Of 400 Teens Causes Chaos, Video Shows Brawls And Kids Clashing With Cops - 5/21/2023

Video: Juvenile Body-Slams Uniformed Detroit Cop In Attempt To Steal His Gun; Perp's Underage Accomplice Pulls Piece Of His Own - 6/13/2023

Shocking Video Shows 14-Year-Old Female Student Brutally Beaten At California Middle School Where Police Were Defunded - 7/14/2023

Mob Stomps To Death Nightclub Security Guard - Described As 'Family-Oriented Man' And Father Of 2 - On Hollywood Street, Police Say - 7/31/2023

87-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Pantsless Intruder, Feeds Home Invader Peanut Butter And Crackers While Waiting For Cops: 'Don't Sit And Cry About It' - 8/3/2023

Large Teen Gatherings Are Turning Violent In Chicago. The Mayor Is Upset They're Being Labeled A 'Mob.' - 8/3/2023

VIDEO: Riot Breaks Out In The Middle Of NYC After Influencer Detained - 8/4/2023

Video: Up To 50 Smash-And-Grab Thieves Ransack LA Nordstrom, Steal $100K In Merchandise During Brazen Heist - 8/13/2023

Howard U Student Says Security Guard 'Just Walked Away' From Motionless Brawl victim After Attack On Campus By Mob Of 'DC Locals': Report - 8/16/2023

Two 13-Year-Olds Charged In Fatal Shooting Of A Minor In Ohio: Report - 8/28/2023